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Tiny homes have become increasingly popular in recent years, catering to those seeking a simpler and more compact lifestyle. But who says tiny homes have to be minimalist and bland? In fact, a tiny home can be a great opportunity to showcase a bold and maximalist design style, as we will explore in this blog post about designing a modern tiny home for an artist and world traveler in the South Park neighborhood of San Diego.


First, let's talk about the location. South Park is a bustling neighborhood in San Diego, known for its vibrant arts and culture scene. The tiny home we designed had to reflect the neighborhood's creative energy and aesthetic.

Our artist client requested bold colors and a maximalist style, so we incorporated a rich color palette and eye-catching patterns. To maximize space in the tiny home, we incorporated clever storage solutions and multifunctional furniture pieces.


In this cozy living room, we added custom cabinets under the stairs to provide additional storage for my client's collection of textiles and art supplies. The bold green sofa adds functionality, comfort and color to the space.

We painted the fireplace "Framboise", a vibrant raspberry color, adding to the maximalist design aesthetic.

I had so much fun going through my client's textile collection from around the world to incorporate into the space. We used these textiles to layer onto the furniture, we had custom pillows make and even took a vintage damask chair and had it artistically reimagined using various textiles.

We layered a cowhide rug over a jute area rug to add texture and visual interest to the room but not compete with all of the colorful furnishings, decor and art.


The first thing that catches your eye in this tiny home is the high ceiling and modern stainless cable rail giving this space a chic, modern feel. The upstairs catwalk is luminous with plenty of natural light pouring in from all of the windows. The open-concept layout visually expands this tiny home.

The library loft has a vintage desk and a wall full of built in shelving to organize, store and display my clients art supplies, books and collectibles. This is a woman after my own heart and I truly had the most fun curating her items!


The bedroom is a private retreat with a regal color palette and sumptuous materials such as luxurious bedding and plush carpets. We custom designed the headboard using a vintage trifold screen inset with Tahitian textiles from my clients collection.

The walls were painted a deep, moody purple, providing an atmospheric backdrop for the client's jewelry art designs. I showed the process of designing the bedroom in this blog post but I am also adding photo here to refresh your memory.


For the en suite powder bathroom, my client, in true maximalist style repurposed the most gorgeous vintage vanity that she hunted and transformed it into a functional and fabulous bathroom vanity.

We added additional shelving for both storage and display. A salvage window adds architectural interest to the space.

In true maximalist style, the walls are bejeweled with my clients statement jewelry collection and door knobs get adorned with vibrant tassels.

Designing a modern maximalist tiny home for an artist in the South Park neighborhood of San Diego provided us with a unique opportunity to showcase a bold and maximalist interior design style. By incorporating bright colors, eye-catching patterns, and clever storage solutions, we created a space where my client can feel inspired surrounded by her beloved art and collectibles making it an ideal place to call home.

Thank you so much for stopping by! If you have an upcoming design project you'd like to discuss, head to the Contact Tab, fill out the form and I'll get in touch with your shortly to set up an Introductory Call so that we can get to know each other, discuss your project scope and timeline and if it sounds like a good, we'll schedule your initial Design Consultation to get the ball rolling.

Out of the Box Interior Design Every Time,

- Rachel Moriarty

Rachel Moriarty Interiors is a subsidiary of House of Moriarty Inc


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