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Client Success Stories

Your kind words serve as inspiration for me to work even harder and strive for continual improvement every day.


"Rachel crafted a prayer and relaxation space that exceeded my expectations. Her profound ability to connect every detail to the overall purpose of the space was truly a moving experience. Her creativity resonated with my soul and delivered a sanctuary that continues to bring a smile to my face every time I enter."

- Linda  R.

"Rachel brought my long-held vision to life with a beautifully designed space that I had yearned for over the years but lacked the discerning eye to execute myself. I aimed for that 'Model Home' ambiance in my formal living room, and Rachel not only achieved it but also infused warmth and welcome into the elegant setting while maintaining the essence of home. Her professionalism was outstanding, treating my home and personal belongings with the utmost care and consideration. This space has now become my favorite within my home. Rachel perfectly captured my style and adhered to my budget for this project. I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to collaborate with her again, creating another stunning space in my home."

- Julia  W.

"Embarking on a comprehensive gut and remodel project, I quickly realized I needed assistance to ensure I could truly love the result. Opting to hire Rachel was undoubtedly the best decision I made! Faced with the overwhelming task of making major decisions and the relentless pace imposed by my husband to move the project forward swiftly, I felt lost. Rachel became the calming presence I needed, offering spot-on guidance, empowering support, and showcasing her incredible design abilities. Her talent for repurposing, reusing, and refurbishing existing furniture not only saved costs but also seamlessly transformed our space. The compliments on our home are constant, with many remarking, 'Wow, it looks like a model home!' Regardless of your project's size, Rachel is a necessity. I can guarantee you will not be disappointed. Working with Rachel was not only productive but also enjoyable—I cherished every minute spent collaborating with her."

- Terrece  M.

"I enlisted Rachel's expertise to overhaul various spaces in my home, including the master bedroom, living room, three kids' rooms, and our outdoor patio. Additionally, she provided valuable input for the new AirBnB unit we constructed above our garage. Given our penchant for vintage furnishings and an extensive collection, Rachel adeptly incorporated these pieces alongside new accessories to impart a refreshed, cohesive look to our home. Her keen eye for storage solutions has made it significantly easier for us to maintain organized spaces.

Rachel's remarkable ability to understand each family member's personality and customize each area accordingly impressed us. She effortlessly blends high and low elements, old and new, resulting in a home that authentically mirrors our family. Our space now reflects a harmonious integration of vintage charm and modern sensibilities. So pleased with the outcome, I've already recommended Rachel's services to friends who, like us, have received enthusiastic 'oooohs and ahhhs' when touring our home."

- Angelique S.

"Rachel established clear expectations from the start and adhered to her plan throughout the process. She articulated her vision for our master bedroom, welcomed input from both my wife and me, and seamlessly integrated our preferences into the final design. The end result was truly remarkable. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a talented and reliable designer. Great job!"

- Rene  G..

"From DRAB to FAB! Rachel Moriarty Interiors transformed my house into a vibrant and welcoming home. Paying meticulous attention to every detail, she seamlessly integrated my love of travel and taste in art. As a single woman, Rachel respected my budget constraints and magically turned my condominium into a classy and chic space. Her style, creativity, and elegant taste embrace me every time I walk into my home. Anything Rachel Moriarty Interiors touches turns into a masterpiece."

- Christna  S.

"In the past couple of years, I've undergone some major life changes, including a significant move from being a homeowner to a renter. Adjusting to this new living situation presented unexpected challenges, especially when it came to my daughter's room. Her existing furniture didn't quite fit the new space, and I couldn't make major changes to the room's layout. The stress and anxiety I felt every time I entered her room were overwhelming.

Enter my life-saver, Rachel. After meeting with her and sharing my concerns and budget constraints, the magic began. Rachel worked her transformative touch and turned this area of stress into a happy and safe haven for my daughter.

I could go on about how wonderful the experience of working with Rachel has been, but you truly need to discover it for yourself! In the meantime, I eagerly anticipate the transformation of my whole home!"

- Joelle  C..

"Earlier this year, I engaged Rachel for a complete bedroom makeover, and the experience was fantastic. Rachel approached the project with utmost professionalism, providing a dream board as a visual guide and a detailed punch list for the contractor. She also offered valuable suggestions, including websites for selecting accessories. The collaborative effort resulted in a great experience and a transformed bedroom that exceeded expectations."

- Linda  K.

"Collaborating with Rachel Moriarty on this incredible project was an absolute delight! The design is bold, yet exudes simplicity and tranquility. Living in this space feels akin to residing within one of my own paintings, brought to life by Rachel's expert touch. She truly made my artworks sing in the context of the overall design. Working together was not only enjoyable but also resulted in a space that beautifully complements and enhances the essence of my artistic creations."

- Ann G..

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