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Breakfast Nook

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In this design project, our client, a devoted father, sought to instill a unique ambiance within his breakfast area, because who doesn't love a Finding Nemo moment? To bring this vision to life, we had a custom aquarium built with a vibrant aquascape and designed custom vibrant seascape panels printed on acrylic panels that harmonize with the lively aquascape of the aquarium. A round cerused wood table is accompanied by generously sized upholstered chairs in performance fabric, offering comfort and durability for family gatherings. Suspended gracefully above the table are three glass pendants, illuminating the space with elegance. The aquarium serves not only as a decorative element but also as a source of tranquility, providing a soothing atmosphere in his home—a haven for a devoted father and his beloved children.

San Diego Billiards Room

The Vibe


For this project, our client, an entrepreneur and entertainer, aimed to infuse his home with his vibrant lifestyle and personal interests. To achieve this, we transformed a former dining room into a space that exudes both functionality and fun. Knowing our client's love for the Lakers, we custom-designed a pool table with purple felt, adorned with autographed Lakers jerseys and framed memorabilia from his football days. The pièce de résistance is a stunning custom acrylic artwork of The Staples Center, wrapping around the corner, adding a unique touch to the space. In the adjacent living room, oversized leather sofas and stately accents add further sophistication. The powerful crack of an opening break now sets the perfect atmosphere for relaxation, entertainment, and friendly competition, successfully fulfilling our client's vision of a home that truly reflects his personality and passions.

Historic Spanish Revival

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Hired by a passionate historic home enthusiast, my task was to renovate the kitchen of a 1930s Spanish Revival home in Kensington. To pay homage to the residence's rich history, we introduced patterned floor tiles inspired by traditional Spanish motifs. The integration of marble countertops added a luxurious dimension, seamlessly uniting functionality with sophistication. In pursuit of an elevated visual appeal, a tuxedo paint scheme was chosen, featuring crisp white cabinetry harmonized with inky black lower cabinets. Vintage lighting fixtures were strategically incorporated, infusing the space with a nostalgic charm and casting warm, welcoming light. The outcome is a kitchen that authentically honors the home's heritage while embracing modern design sensibilities.

Image by Recal Media

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Faced with the challenge of designing a primary bedroom for a couple with differing preferences, we embraced the husband's desire for a tranquil hotel ambiance, while infusing the wife's love for the fiery colors of a warm sunset. To achieve this harmonious blend, we adorned the walls with a delicate cream shade, instantly creating a serene atmosphere. The subdued backdrop served as the perfect canvas for pops of vibrant sunset hues, ranging from fiery oranges to deep purples. We introduced an upholstered linen bed, paired with cream nightstands featuring purple glass table lamps, and enhanced the space with aubergine curtain panels and custom window shades. Adding an artistic touch, we incorporated vibrant sunset-inspired wall art and luxurious bedding, achieving a balance that catered to both preferences. In the end, our goal remains: preserving marital bliss, one room at a time!


The Vibe


It is a privilege to be entrusted with the restoration of some of San Diego's most cherished historic landmarks, integral to our city's cultural heritage. Our clients have sought our expertise to preserve the historical significance of their Mission Hills Spanish Revival home. Internally, we enhanced the interiors with a creamy shade of white paint, accentuating the architectural integrity and showcasing the intricate tile details, ensuring the preservation of the home's historical charm. In the bathrooms, we meticulously removed any modernizations added over the years, returning them to their original simplicity. Our focus remained on preserving the vintage tile, allowing it to shine as the centerpiece of these spaces, maintaining the authenticity of the home's design.

San Diego Game Room

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In these children's design projects, we champion the idea that every child deserves a space tailored to their personality and bursting with imaginative potential. Drawing on our expertise in crafting unique kids' environments, we embarked on creating three captivating themes: Batman, PacMan, and the Magic Kingdom. From Gotham City adventures for a young superhero to the enchanting world of Disney magic for a sweet girl, and the retro charm of PacMan for endless gaming fun, each theme is carefully curated to spark joy and creativity. The PacMan-themed game room features a whimsical mural backdrop, setting the stage for video games, movies, and classic arcade entertainment. Through our bespoke designs, we strive to inspire children, encourage exploration, and foster a sense of wonder in their own magical spaces.

In the heart of San Diego's Golden Hills neighborhood, a cherished 1930s estate stands as a testament to the city's rich architectural heritage. Entrusted with its revitalization, we embraced the mission to honor and preserve its distinctive features, from intricate millwork to elegant brass hardware. We were committed to weaving the essence of its history into every corner, striking a harmonious balance between preservation and personalization. Incorporating our client's collection of vintage furnishings and antiques, we curated each space, ensuring that the home's character shone through while reflecting the unique personality of its inhabitants. This project was more than a redesign; it was a celebration of San Diego's past and a testament to its enduring charm.

Image by Nick Nice

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The Vibe


The 1936 Spanish Revival Gem exudes a timeless allure and charm that captivates all who enter. Throughout the meticulous preservation process, we ensured the retention of numerous architectural details, including the warm wood paneling, cathedral ceiling adorned with beams, terracotta and tile flooring, and striking built-ins. Upon completing the preservation work, we carefully selected additions to further enhance the space, including an amber glass vintage chandelier and a gothic dining set procured from esteemed antique dealers. This project stands as a testament to its historical significance and preservation efforts, soon to be designated as a historic landmark, symbolizing its enduring legacy and cultural importance within the community.

Image by Eric Robinson

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My client brought her vision of a dreamy white kitchen, ample enough to store and exhibit her grandmother's China, to life. Seeking my guidance to complete the picture, we designed a kitchen epitomizing bespoke elegance down to the last detail. Custom cabinets featuring glass inserts were tailored to showcase the heritage China, alongside a suite of luxury appliances and luxurious quartz countertops, complemented by exquisite brass pendants suspended over the island. The perimeter cabinets gleam in creamy white, while the oak kitchen island is adorned with custom upholstered barstools, adding warmth and personality. Transitioning into the dining area, we curated a casual inviting space with a bespoke table, banquette seating, captains' chairs, and a bench, fostering a warm ambiance for guests to gather, unwind, and engage in lively conversation. We adorned a bar cart with an array of spirits and vintage barware. The pièce de résistance undoubtedly lies in the stunning handcrafted gilded and matte black chandelier inspired by artichokes, gracefully illuminating the dining table—a truly magnificent centerpiece for this extraordinary space.

Historic Spanish Revival Home

The Vibe


In the restoration of their historic 1920s Spanish Revival Style home, our clients' foremost goal was to revive its original grandeur. Our focus centered on elevating its architectural elements, from the graceful arches to the intricate millwork adorning the interior spaces. Opting for a creamy white hue, we repainted all interior walls, allowing the home's natural allure to radiate effortlessly. Additionally, we replaced outdated 90s lighting fixtures with authentic Spanish Revival lighting sourced from antique dealers nationwide, infusing the home with an era-appropriate ambiance. With the completion of the restoration, our clients successfully obtained historical designation for this beloved abode, solidifying its status as a cherished piece of architectural history.

Outdoor Living

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In Southern California, outdoor living spaces seamlessly blend with our homes, offering retreats for relaxation and socializing. Understanding the year-round potential, our design strategy caters to our client and his children's needs. We prioritize quality and comfort with plush-cushioned furnishings, inviting leisure under the shade or by the fire pit. Vibrant hues energize the space, while lightweight throws provide warmth on cooler nights, guaranteeing an inviting atmosphere throughout the seasons.

Image by Stefan Schauberger

The Vibe


From laundry to libations! My client, a wine collector and connoisseur, hired us to design a personalized wine room. We reimagined a former laundry room, fashioning it into a stylish haven dedicated to storing her expanding collection of wines. Our transformation included enclosing the space, installing a wine cellar temperature control unit, adding wood cladding to the walls, incorporating wine racks, upcycling cabinets painted in a deep red reminiscent of a bold cabernet. Additionally, we adorned the glass door with frosted art featuring a vintage French wine advertisement and commissioned artwork in red tones, complemented by a hammered copper sink and a globe pendant. The pièce de résistance undoubtedly lies in the Ruby Red Vetrazzo countertop. Now with ample wine storage at her fingertips, my client can effortlessly uncork and indulge in her favorite vintages. Cheers to a fabulous transformation!

Image by Julian Hanslmaier

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At the request of my client, a law firm partner residing in La Jolla, I was tasked with creating a stylish and sophisticated home office space within her residence. The focal point of this area is the strikingly patterned Egret Wallpaper designed by Australian Artist Florence Broadhurst. Beyond its functionality as an office, my client envisioned this space to serve as a comfortable lounge area as well. To fulfill her vision, we incorporated essential elements such as a spacious desk, a luxurious leather Human Scale office chair, and a variety of storage solutions. Additionally, we curated artwork to enhance the ambiance and introduced a modern Italian leather sofa for her poodles to relax on and provide companionship while she works.


The Vibe


My client, a busy real estate professional, entrusted me with the task of converting his basement-level area into a stylish and functional Man Cave lounge. The starting point for the design was a vintage blue and white San Diego Padres sign, which served as the inspiration for the color scheme and decor selections throughout the space. We reimagined the area into two distinct zones: a workspace and a lounge area. The workspace was tailored to meet my client's professional needs, featuring a spacious desk, ample storage and display solutions, as well as vintage stadium seating for added character. Meanwhile, the lounge area was designed as the ultimate spot for watching sports with family and friends. Complete with a cozy rug, comfortable seating options, and a prominent TV setup, it offers the perfect ambiance for entertaining and relaxation.


The Vibe



The Vibe


My clients, avid world travelers, collectors, artists, and enthusiasts of vibrant colors, entrusted me with the task of decorating their modern ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit), also known as a Granny Flat or Mother-In-Law Flat. The onset of the pandemic abruptly halted their 15-year journey of sailing around the world. Our objective was to infuse this modern white space with a sense of worldly charm, depth, and character. As fellow enthusiasts of color and maximalism, we delved into their collection of textiles, repurposing them as decorative pillows and using them to reupholster a small accent chair, thereby transforming functional pieces into works of art.

My client, a busy lawyer, hired me to help remodel the kitchen in her newly purchased home. Originally, this was a tiny kitchen with walls that blocked the view of the ocean. We not only expanded the footprint of this kitchen to take advantage of the ocean view but we created an open concept and added La Cantina style doors for So. Cal. indoor outdoor living. This home has nods to Japanese culture throughout so we kept it modern and clean. The Shinnoki upper cabinets bring warmth and texture to this space and Fujiwa tiles on the backsplash marry the indigo blue lower cabinets with the wood tones of the upper cabinets. We designed the kitchen island with hidden casters to open up the space when entertaining.

Interior Decorating

The Vibe


In the heart of Kensington, celebrated for its tree-lined streets and tight-knit community, the historic Spanish Revival Bachelor Suite stands as a seamless fusion of vintage charm and modern comforts, capturing the essence of its surroundings. Our client, with a rich tapestry of interests spanning skateboarding, music, art, and travel, envisioned a space reflective of his passions. Drawing inspiration from his extensive collection of skateboard deck art, we carefully curated a vibrant color scheme that became the anchor of the room's design. His eclectic taste, blending masculinity with cultural influences, set a distinctive tone for the overall aesthetic. This Bachelor Suite, a harmonious blend of vintage allure and contemporary flair, not only pays homage to Kensington's architectural legacy but also serves as a cherished memorial to our client, who, unfortunately, passed away shortly after from cancer. This project will forever hold a special place in our hearts, a lasting tribute to his unique lifestyle and interests.

Gentlemen's Retreat_edited.jpg

The Vibe


Our task was to redesign my client's primary bedroom, adding depth and character to the space. Drawing inspiration from his support for his favorite college team, USC, we incorporated the iconic red and gold colors into the redesign palette in an elevated way. To enhance the ambiance, I introduced a cowhide art rug and a custom gold leather bench, elevating the room's overall aesthetic. The centerpiece of the design was the custom-designed sunset wall art, sourced from my client's personal photo collection and printed on acrylic, seamlessly integrated into the canopy bed niche. Additionally, we adorned the retreat room with a large custom-printed mural depicting the London Bridge at Lake Havasu, a cherished vacation spot where he owns a vacation home.

Modern Mediterranean Rolling Hills Ranch

The Vibe


My clients entrusted me with the task of modernizing their Tuscan-style home into a captivating Mediterranean oasis. We embarked on a journey to infuse warmth, vibrant earth tones, and rich textures, crafting an atmosphere that exudes timelessness and hospitality. Opening up the space, we knocked down a wall to embrace an open concept layout. The living room now boasts a sleek and stylish leather sectional, offering ample seating for comfortable TV viewing, complemented by a custom storage ottoman and updated built-in media cabinet. Adding artistic flair, a custom mural adorns the entryway niche, while the custom textured finish on the new peninsula fireplace serves as a striking focal point, imparting both warmth and delineation in the open concept space. Additionally, a dedicated lounge area was created, featuring four statement red swivel chairs and a stylish bar cabinet, enhanced by statement lighting to complete the inviting ambiance.

Point Loma - Multi Family Leasing Office

The Vibe


Commissioned by an asset management company undergoing a rebranding initiative for their 600-unit multi-family properties in the coastal havens of Point Loma and Imperial Beach, my design firm was entrusted with the transformation of their leasing and maintenance offices to harmonize with the refreshed brand aesthetic. Drawing inspiration from the communities' intrinsic ties to coastlines, yachting, and sports fishing, we embarked on a design journey infused with a modern ocean-inspired aesthetic, ensuring seamless integration with the natural surroundings.

Star Cluster

The Vibe


My clients, avid gamers and cosplayers, enlisted my expertise to craft a kitchen that defies conventional design norms. We embarked on a journey to create a space that transports them to another dimension. Modern German cabinetry set the stage, while a commissioned artist painted a celestial galaxy scene on the ceiling medallion and island cabinet fronts, using glow-in-the-dark paints for added ambiance. White leather barstools subtly evoke a crescent moon, complementing the Carrara marble backsplash shaped like clouds. The island countertops shimmer like a glittering galaxy, adding a touch of cosmic charm. Beyond its visual appeal, the kitchen is highly functional, featuring a designated niche for dog bowls and a convenient pot filler with filtered water. Leveraging their tech-savvy nature, we integrated a smart lighting system, allowing them to control the cabinet lights' colors with their smartphones.

Interior Decorating

The Vibe


This historic home, nestled in the 1930s era, exudes all the delightful quirks that characterize its time – scalloped siding details, a quaint sleeping porch, a nostalgic potting shed, and yes, even a charming milk bottle door that brings old Milkman jokes to life! My clients sought to infuse even more vibrancy into this already enchanting space with my signature pops of color. Embracing its unique quirks, I adorned the potting shed with a vintage dry sink, staged the milk door with an authentic vintage milk bottle, and transformed the upstairs sleeping porch into a cozy outdoor lounge. Now, it's the perfect spot to unwind with a glass of wine after a long day or gather friends for a BBQ.

Point Loma Modern Mediterranean - Pastel Flex Room

The Vibe


My client, a fun loving Cosplayer, asked me to design a pastel Flex Room. My goal was to create a space that not only reflected the personality of my client but also exuded a sense of joy and fun. My client, who just adores her for pastel rainbow roller skates and vintage gown, was totally excited to use these items as our color inspiration! The centerpiece of this room is the stunning pastel graphic mural painted by Very Gay Paint. We coined this space, The Pastel Tron Room.


The Vibe


Our client, a preschool director and owner, has engaged our firm to design her new preschool location and facilitate the rebranding of her business. Recognizing nature's innate ability to enhance beauty, instill calmness, and inspire creativity, we drew inspiration from vintage scientific botanical illustrations for a custom mural. The environment of the preschool serves as the emotional backdrop for the children. Just as adults feel upon entering a room of unfamiliar faces, children too respond to the emotional tone of their surroundings. Therefore, creating a warm, inviting space communicates a sense of care, nurture, and safety, ensuring that children feel welcomed and supported in their learning environment.

The Vibe


Our clients, passionate music enthusiasts and entertainers, sought our expertise in designing the interior of their newly expanded basement level in their expansive Sunset Cliffs residence. The open floor plan was zoned to accommodate a variety of interests, including TV viewing, a music lounge/bar, and friendly shuffleboard competitions. To seamlessly merge the indoor and outdoor spaces, we integrated an indoor-outdoor entertainer's bar, connecting the interior with the outdoor patio effortlessly. La Cantina-style doors were strategically installed to facilitate smooth access and promote fluid movement between the indoor and outdoor areas. To maintain visual continuity and a cohesive ambiance, we extended the wood-effect tile flooring from the interior space to the outdoor patio, ensuring a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living areas. The design not only enhanced the functionality of the home but also elevated its aesthetic appeal, creating a cohesive and inviting environment for both my clients and their guests.


The Vibe


My clients, known for their lavish entertaining, enlisted my services to create a basement level addition for their expansive Point Loma residence. Being the go-to destination among their neighbors and friends, they desired a spacious entertainer's bar area where they could host memorable gatherings. Drawing inspiration from the nearby Pacific Ocean, we incorporated oceanic elements into the design. This included statement porcelain countertops reminiscent of ocean waves, a striking green-blue dimensional glass backsplash tile, a hammered brass bar sink, and La Cantina style windows that seamlessly connected the indoor space to the outdoors.


The Vibe


My client hired me to renovate her newly acquired 1973 Airstream Argosy. We craned it into place in the backyard to create a lounge space. We decided on a Moroccan Makeover. I reimagined the inside of a Genie's Bottle taking inspiration from the 70's sitcom, I Dream Of Jeannie. We collaborated with Decorative Paint Contractor, Cassandra Schramm, and had her paint a faux plaster finish on the walls and add a gold leaf stencil border to accentuate the deep indigo ceiling treatment and gold stars. Details like, plush area rugs, a jewel-toned velvet modular sectional, vintage silk sari curtains, an abundance of decorative pillows, punched metal lighting and colorful accents were added to create the ultimate Ladies Lounge.

Japandi Style La Jolla Dining Room

The Vibe


My  client, a successful lawyer and international traveller, wanted her new La Jolla beach house to reflect her travel roots and her time living in Japan. The Modern Japanese look is simple, functional, warm, and calming with a focus on quality craftsmanship. The original architecture of the home had modern grid patterns throughout which was our jumping off point. We updated the built in shelving unit with a stately navy blue paint which offsets the beautiful live edge slab dining table and bench giving the space much needed juxtaposition by blending the hard lines with a soft organic edge. We paired iconic Nakashima Conoid Cantilever chairs with the dining table and added a sculptural light pendant for a simple but dramatic effect.

Image by Yannis Papanastasopoulos

The Vibe


When abstract artist, Ann Golumbuk, hired me to redesign her home, we really went for it! I used Ann's abstract art as the jumping off point for this space, I wanted to create a dining space that was dramatic, modern and fun. Bold blue is the perfect backdrop to her original artwork. We decided to have her paint the dining room table and mounted it on a pair of sturdy modern table bases. Lemony yellow chairs lighten up the space and brighten up the atmosphere. This project was recently featured in the Color Issue of Window Fashion Vision Magazine and San Diego Home/Garden Lifestyles Magazine.

Modern Family Game Room

The Vibe


My client hired me to revitalize her lower level billiards room. For decades, it was the place where all of the kids hung out with their friends. The billiards table was dated and had taken a beating over the decades and the space overall was showing wear and tear. I repainted and re-carpeted the whole space and updated the existing billiards table by re-felting it in a vibrant orange color and had the base repainted in a metallic finish by an auto body shop. This is now a grown up space for entertaining and showcases the bulk of my client's original artwork. My client and this project was recently photographed to be featured in the upcoming Color Issue of a shelter magazine. Stay tuned.

Modern Colorful Living Room

The Vibe


My client, an abstract artist, engaged my services to redesign her home and make her artwork sing! Her plan was to utilize her home to host clients and gallery events, and wanted it to embody her vibrant aesthetic while maintaining an intentional and sophisticated ambiance. To achieve this, we meticulously integrated a color scheme that harmonizes with her artwork, facilitating seamless transitions as she sells and introduces new creations to the space. The space features a modern, colorful area rug and swivel chairs in fuchsia, blue, and green, setting the stage for a captivating display of color and creativity.

In Home Office Conference Room

The Vibe


We were commissioned by our client to transform an empty space within his home into a sleek, modern conference room, providing an alternative workspace for him and his team. Embracing a modern minimalist design, we incorporated clean lines and smooth finishes such as glass, acrylic, and polished wood to cultivate a sophisticated atmosphere. The color scheme leans towards dark and masculine tones, evoking a sense of understated elegance. Our choice of stylish and bold lighting fixtures enhances the ambiance of the space. To inspire productivity, we included custom branded signage and business trackers, reinforcing the professional atmosphere in a residential setting. Additionally, we integrated a bar cart for Friday happy hours, encouraging team bonding in a relaxed setting. This transformation embodies our commitment to meeting the client's aesthetic preferences while enhancing the efficiency and collaboration of his team's work sessions.

A Maximalists Boldy Hued San Diego Mid-Century Bungalow

The Vibe


Welcome to the Dark Academia Maximalist Dream of this Interior Designer's mid-century home. Reflecting the captivating allure of Dark Academia, our space seamlessly merges intellect with aesthetics, evoking the rich hues reminiscent of Dutch masters paintings and exuding vintage charm. Here, a curated collection of grandmother's heirloom pieces, estate sale treasures, thrifted finds, and modern Italian furnishings coalesce in harmonious unity. Infused with the essence of global travels, bohemian flair, and irreverent rock and roll vibes, our design strikes a delicate balance between sophistication and laid-back So. Cal. style. Each corner of this space tells a unique story, and every detail ignites inspiration. Within these walls, the magic happens as we craft colorful spaces for our clients, transforming their dreams into tangible realities. Welcome to a world where creativity knows no bounds.

Master Bedroom

The Vibe


Commissioned by our clients, busy entrepreneurs and avid world travelers, we embarked on the task of settling them into their new expansive 10,000 sq ft hacienda-style home. Prior to their move-in, we opted to repaint the interior in a creamy white hue to accentuate the intricate architecture and millwork throughout. Our challenge lay in infusing the bedroom with a vibrant array of colors while maintaining a sense of warmth and serenity. Drawing inspiration from our clients' collection of original art and vintage rugs, we curated a space that embodies their eclectic taste. The bed served as the focal point, adorned with layers of Mexican-inspired textiles featuring intricate embroidery, Otomi folk pillows, and serape-style blankets, evoking a festive ambiance reminiscent of a lively fiesta.

Tiki Room

The Vibe


Engaged by our clients, world travelers, collectors, and enthusiasts of tiki culture, we were tasked with curating a home that showcases their diverse array of collectibles. With one client immersed in the world of distilling, their passion resonates throughout the space, evident in the extensive collection of vintage copper whiskey and moonshine stills, as well as rum tiki mugs. Through the thoughtful arrangement of these cherished items, the home serves as a silent storyteller, offering glimpses into the lives and interests of its inhabitants. With every corner adorned with artifacts, we aim to celebrate the enduring spirit of moonshine and tiki culture, allowing its essence to thrive within these walls.


The Vibe


This Spanish Hacienda epitomizes timeless charm. Drawing inspiration from 1920’s Mediterranean influences, the dream estate home boasts terra-cotta flooring, hand-hewn wood beams adorning the ceilings, and plaster walls. The seamless integration of old-world elements with contemporary touches imbues the residence with undeniable character and allure. This eclectic fusion extends to the decor, where a curated mix of new and cherished pieces harmoniously coexist. Our client's vision was to incorporate meaningful heirlooms and artifacts, including her father's original artwork, a cherished portrait painting of her mother, a custom-built coffee table crafted by her husband, vintage rugs passed down from her mother-in-law, and a cherished collection of Bavarian furnishings and decor. These treasured pieces, steeped in her family's history, serve as the foundation of the space, instilling it with a profound sense of heritage and belonging.

Hacienda Chic

The Vibe


Commissioned by our clients, we embarked on a transformational journey to elevate their outdoor spaces. Taking cues from the Spanish architecture that defines their home, our aim was to craft a seamless fusion of comfort and elegance. To honor our clients' Mexican heritage, we incorporated vibrant ceramic tiles sourced from Mexico, infusing the space with cultural richness and authenticity. Situated in the picturesque Rancho Santa Fe, this bespoke styling project embraced the essence of Spanish-style living. The culmination of our efforts resulted in a captivating and inviting environment, tailored for gatherings both grand and intimate, leisurely lounging, and savoring the idyllic Southern California climate.

Modern Mediterranean Rolling Hills Ranch

The Vibe


My clients hired us to help them modernize their primary bathroom. The concept was to create a modern oasis in their Mediterranean style home located in Rolling Hills Ranch. To celebrate their love of organic neutrals, we focused on incorporating natural textures and a soothing color palette to achieve a harmonious and tranquil ambiance. The beautiful custom crafted oak vanity cabinet is the centerpiece of the bathroom where we added a makeup station located directly under the window for the best natural light. Slate-inspired Caesarstone was selected for the countertops and the cap of the shower bench for contrast and a touch of drama. To create visual interest and personalization we sprinkled in touches of purple which is my client's favorite color! 

Bohemian Bedroom

The Vibe


Our clients recently entrusted us with the redesign of their stunning Hacienda-style residence nestled within the captivating Covenant of Rancho Santa Fe. The focus of the project was to curate a bohemian-style oasis for their daughter's bedroom. Surrounded by verdant greenery, the bedroom provided an idyllic canvas for our vision. We introduced a rattan bed, adorned with soft fiber art suspended above, serving as the focal point and centerpiece of the space. To enhance functionality, we incorporated a desk and a rattan cocoon chair, offering a cozy retreat for leisurely reading sessions. Layers of bohemian textiles, including earthy patterned rugs and an abundance of textured throw pillows, infused the room with depth and warmth, completing the bohemian-inspired ambiance.


The Vibe


Our client, a bustling executive, enlisted our expertise to reimagine her primary bedroom nestled within her South Park Spanish Bungalow, transforming it into a haven of elegance and tranquility. Redesigning a bedroom in the Spanish-style home necessitates a delicate balance of vintage charm and contemporary design elements. A standout feature of the redesign is the Gucci-inspired hand-painted mural, injecting a fresh layer of sophistication while harmonizing with the existing furnishings seamlessly integrated into the design. Complementing the mural, oversized macrame pendants were introduced to accentuate the feature wall, fostering a cozy ambiance within the space. The bedding imbues the bedroom with a luxurious allure without overshadowing the other design elements, culminating in a refined and serene retreat.

Rancho Santa Fe - Hacienda Chic meets California Cool

The Vibe


Our clients entrusted us with the task of styling their grandiose Rancho Santa Fe hacienda-style residence. Paying homage to their cultural roots, we meticulously integrated authentic elements throughout the home. Vibrant Otomi textiles, intricately embroidered, were thoughtfully fashioned into eye-catching accent pillows, infusing bursts of color and personality. Talavera ceramics, adorned with distinctive cobalt blue hues, were artfully placed throughout the home, adding touches of traditional charm and elegance. The culmination of our efforts yielded a palatial hacienda-style home exuding sophistication, cultural pride, and a profound connection to our clients' heritage.

Purple Maximalist Primary Bedroom

The Vibe


My client, hired me to help her design her primary bedroom in her newly built ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit). She is a fine art jewelry designer, textile artist, world traveller, and an avid treasure huntress and collector. We updated and renewed several of her existing pieces of furniture. We repurposed a vintage screen by adding printed fabric from her collection and hung it behind the headboard to create a statement piece. We reupholstered the bed to blend with the tri-fold screen. And transformed a set of white nightstands into black and brass beauties. The room was painted a sophisticated shade of plum, an over-dyed area rug was placed under the bed, layers of sumptuous silk bedding and a curation of art and jewelry displays put the finishing artistic touches on this jewel box of a room.

Image by Daniele Levis Pelusi

The Vibe


My client sought my expertise for the revamp of her guest bathroom in her La Jolla beach house. Drawing inspiration from the coastal landscape nearby, we anchored our design around a stunning porcelain pebble tile. As part of the enhancements, we installed a chic navy floating vanity paired with brass hardware and a mirror. To evoke the sensation of an underwater scene, we collaborated with local artist Cassandra Schramm to hand-paint delicate kelp tendrils. The mural, adorning the vanity wall, seamlessly extends to the ceiling, immersing visitors in a captivating underwater ambiance.

Mission Hills - Elegance of Restoration - Restoring the Grandeur of a 1930's Spanish Reviv

The Vibe


My clients sought my expertise to consult them on the restoration of their recently acquired 1936 Spanish Revival home nestled in the picturesque neighborhood of Mission Hills, San Diego. The Spanish Revival aesthetic exudes unmatched romance in interior design styles. Our restoration efforts encompassed restuccoing the entire home and painting it with a creamy white color accented by a patina green trim to complement the historic decorative tile work. The homeowners had over 200 hybrid roses planted in the front yard, crafting a romantic landscape that accentuates the home's charm. This meticulously restored gem is now poised for submission to undergo historical home designation review.