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Elevate Your Design Business: 1:1 Coaching for Success

Are you a passionate interior designer looking to take your business to the next level?

I offer exclusive 1:1 coaching sessions designed to help you achieve your design goals. 


Through a personalized approach, I'll share actionable strategies based on my own experience in the industry, helping you with:

  • Boosting Visibility: Learn proven techniques to stand out in a crowded market and attract potential clients with a captivating online presence.

  • Mastering Marketing: Develop strategic marketing approaches tailored to your brand. We'll delve into storytelling, effective branding, and creating content that resonates with your ideal client.

  • Social Selling Strategies: Unlock the power of social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and others for attracting dream clients and building a loyal following.

  • Attracting Dream Clients: Discover how to identify your niche, refine your value proposition, and craft a client attraction plan that aligns with your design philosophy.

  • Project Booking Success: Navigate the client acquisition process with confidence, learn communication strategies to convert leads into booked projects.


Why Choose Designer-to-Designer Coaching?

As a fellow designer, I understand your unique challenges. My personalized coaching sessions will be tailored to your specific strengths and goals, ensuring tangible results for your design business.


Invest in Your Success:

Are you ready to amplify your visibility, attract dream clients, and consistently book projects?

Investment Details:

  • Session Duration: 90 minutes

  • Investment: $549.00

Limited to availability. 


Ready to make your design business the talk of the town? Book your coaching session today!



Let's shape the future of your design career together!


With a career steeped in design excellence and a trailblazing approach to visibility marketing, Rachel Moriarty stands as a leading authority in the interior design industry. Renowned for her multifaceted role as a design industry expert, she brings a wealth of experience and accolades that underscore her commitment to transforming spaces and empowering fellow designers.

Best-Selling Author: Leveraging her design industry knowledge, Rachel co-authored the #1 Amazon Best Seller "Marketing For The Design + Staging Industry," a valuable resource for navigating design marketing.


Market Influence: An alumna of the esteemed Style Spotters program, Rachel has become a trend authority at High Point Market, shaping design conversations through her insights. She actively participates in online industry promotions like Las Vegas Market Takeovers and the KBIS Instagram Takeover, consistently identifying and promoting the next big trends.


Esteemed Industry Judge: Lending her discerning eye and industry expertise, Rachel has served as a judge for prestigious design organizations like the Interior Design Society (IDS), the International Furnishings and Design Association (IFDA), and the Window Fashion VISION Magazines Design & Workroom Competition, recognizing design excellence within the community.

Insider's Guide at High Point Market and The International Surface Event: Rachel's role as an Insider's Tour Guide at High Point Market and at The International Surface Event showcases her ability to navigate and highlight the latest trends, cementing her reputation as a design tastemaker.


Diversity Advocacy: A BIPOC designer and founding member of the Diversity Advocacy Alliance at High Point Market, Rachel actively champions inclusivity and diversity within the design community.


Industry Educator and Presenter: Passionate about nurturing the next generation of designers, Rachel shares her industry knowledge as an instructor at LuAnn University, teaching a course on Visibility & Social Selling for Creatives. Her dedication extends beyond the classroom, as she recently contributed to the educational conference program at KBIS, the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show through their VFTI (Voices for the Industry) programming.


Influential Awards and Recognition: 

A testament to her influence across design and real estate staging, Rachel has collected accolades like the DesignHounds Influencer & Changemaker Award and Top Influencer recognition. Most recently, she was named to Modern Luxury Magazine's prestigious 2024 San Diego Power List. Further solidifying her industry impact, Rachel is also recognized as a WCAA (Window Coverings Association of America) Influencer.


Media Presence and Podcast Host: Rachel's impactful media presence includes numerous publication contributions and placements, being a Marketplace Trend Reporter on LUXE's Design TV, a frequently requested podcast guest, and the past co-host of the Design+Style Podcast which focused on Visibility Marketing for Interior Designers.


Industry Collaborations and Panel Speaker: Beyond her design work, Rachel actively contributes to the design community. She has lent her expertise as an HGTV designer, a Brand Ambassador and Correspondent for TDN (The Design Network) and a sought-after speaker on industry panels. She also co-emceed the Design Influencers Conference in Atlanta.


Rachel Moriarty's journey is characterized by an unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries, fostering inclusivity, and empowering other designers to thrive in the dynamic world of interior design. Her innovative social media and visibility marketing strategies have not only earned her accolades but have also paved the way for countless designers to achieve their own successes in the industry.

A Maximalists Boldy Hued San Diego Mid-Century Bungalow


"Rachel's visibility sessions are nothing short of powerful. She's not just the Goddess of Color; she possesses an incredible knack for making all things related to visibility seem effortless. The session was power-packed, filled with actionable steps that not only leave you feeling capable but also leave you yearning for more time with her.

Having worked with several well-known coaches in the past, I can confidently say that Rachel Moriarty easily ranks in my top 3. Her coaching style is a unique blend of expertise, inspiration, and practicality. The way she breaks down visibility challenges and presents achievable solutions is truly remarkable.

I find myself wanting to dive into the realm of visibility with Rachel at least once a month. Her sessions are a transformative experience. If you're seeking a coach who not only understands visibility but can make it an enjoyable journey, Rachel is the one!"

- Rebecca O.

"Working with Rachel on 'Biz-ibility' has been absolutely invaluable. Her insights and guidance have provided me with a level of clarity I didn't realize was missing. Rachel has a unique ability to simplify complex ideas and strategies, showing me a clear path forward for the growth of my business.

One of the most impactful lessons I've learned from Rachel is the power of taking action without overthinking. Her energy is contagious and inspiring; it motivated me to 'just do it.' Rachel's coaching style encourages a hands-on, practical approach, and it has made a significant difference in how I approach challenges and opportunities.

And can we talk about the Kimono? It's more than just a piece of clothing; it's Rachel's superpower! Her distinctive style reflects her bold, fearless approach to business and life. Working with Rachel has not only elevated my business strategies but has also brought a fresh perspective and enthusiasm to my entrepreneurial journey.

Thank you, Rachel, for being a guiding light in my business endeavors. Here's to Biz-ibility and embracing the power of action!"

Carrie L.

"I had the pleasure of meeting Rachel Moriarty at Las Vegas Market, and it's been an incredible journey ever since. Rachel has taught me that visibility is not just a strategy; it's a mindset, a way of approaching your craft with confidence and purpose. Through her guidance, I've come to understand that getting started is the key—taking that first step towards showcasing your uniqueness to the world.

Rachel effortlessly demonstrates that visibility is about finding your authentic voice and style. She makes the seemingly complex process appear easy and seamless, emphasizing that each of us has a distinct story to tell. The diversity of our experiences allows us to share unique values and opportunities with one another.

Having Rachel as my coach has been an absolute joy and pleasure. She has empowered me to understand my voice and develop a brand that is truly unique to me. Rachel has shown me that building visibility is not an overnight achievement; it's a journey that requires consistency and dedication. I'm grateful to have her in my corner, a trusted guide in my pocket, navigating the path of visibility and personal brand development.

Thank you, Rachel, for your invaluable insights and for making the seemingly impossible not only possible but also enjoyable!"

Michelle M.

The one thing I love about speaking with Rachel, is that it’s fun and I feel invigorated, I feel happy, I feel inspired and I feel that I can go and tackle anything that I want after a session with her and I don’t think that you can put a price on that!

Adam S.

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