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HEY, HEY, HEY! I'm so excited for the "official" launch of the Spring 2021 ONE ROOM CHALLENGE y'all!!!

If you are new to my blog, my name is Rachel and I'm the Founder and Principal Designer of Rachel Moriarty Interiors located in sunny San Diego, CA. I'm known for my signature style called, Colorfully Coastal. I have the privilege of working on my client's multi-million dollar beach homes. Most of my projects are vibrant, bold and always out of the box. You can see some of these projects HERE and I have some doozies that I'm working on and will be photographing soon so stay tuned for those!

My family and I live in a mid-century bungalow and I'm so focused on my client projects that my home has many spaces that need a lot of TLC. Last Spring, I participated in the One Room Challenge as a Guest Participant and created a She Shed Studio as an extension of my Home Office. You can see that transformation HERE.

So, which room will I be working on this season? This one that you see me sitting in right Primary Bedroom. It's currently a hodgepodge of furnishings that I have collected over the years, I'm a Maximalist and have a lot of "things" but never really tackled decorating this space like I would one of my design project, so I'm super excited for this opportunity as one of the Featured Designers.


I'm calling this "DREAM IN COLOR". Everyone thinks that bedrooms have to be neutral and serene and while that may be true for some people, I like bold and dramatic....I have sign off from my husband to go for it, so that's what we're going to do! It's super important to me that my husband sign off on everything, even though I'm a designer, it's his space too.

I have a lot of vintage pieces that I will be incorporating by remixing, repainting and renewing. I love the blend of old and new, it gives a space soul. And we'll be saying goodbye to some things like our giant wood headboard. My husband is super attached to it, it was one of the first pieces of real furniture that we purchased as a married couple. It took some negotiation but we will be replacing it something sexy.


Our home has a small footprint and our bedroom is multi-functional. My husband will tell you that he lives in my closet! That may or may not be a true statement! I think that I live in his office since this is the only space where we could accommodate his desk and "stuff". So the challenge will be to blend a 1) sleep zone, 2) a desk zone and 3) my Kimono Bar. I have a large collection of Kimonos so I'm creating a Kimono Bar so that they can be displayed.

Here's a quick sketch of my bedroom as it is now to give you a lay of the land. I haven't decided how much we will be moving since it functions for us this way really well. The bed is tucked away in a nook, my husband likes his computer near the window and he can also see the bedroom door and I have a lot of room to play with where the dresser and Kimono Bar is.

We have two major challenges. Our closet door swing, we actually have it off right now but I can't any more! And the windows in our bedroom are two different sizes and one has trim and one doesn't! Gah! So we'll be addressing that situation for sure.

So that's what's happening in my neck of the woods! I invite you to follow along and follow the other 19 amazing ORC Featured Designers listed below.


Thank you to our Media Partner: Better Homes & Garden BH&G and to the ONE ROOM CHALLENGE: ORC for the opportunity!


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