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Rachel Moriarty

Rachel Moriarty is an Award-Winning Designer, #1 Best Selling Author, Style Expert as well as a Color + Pattern-ista!

Perhaps most importantly, Rachel is the ultimate colorful character! Those who know her and follow her on social media look forward to seeing her vibrant wardrobe, eclectic jewelry, and her ease with being what she calls ‘extra.’ Rachel’s multi-cultural roots - she is Mexican, Native American and Filipina - are an integral part of her love of diversity in design. Rachel is not afraid of color, texture, and design influences from across the globe. Raised by a Mexican-American feminist mother with a creative side, Rachel’s grandparents hail from Manila, Mexico City, the Arizona border town of Douglas, and California’s agricultural San Joaquin Valley. Rachel embodies and embraces them all as part of what makes her uniquely American and creatively equipped to design any space. Rachel embodies her personal belief that color adds interest and excitement to the world, and, like a chef seasoning a meal, she sprinkles it liberally to add passion and flavor.


Rachel’s iconic designs and unique personal philosophy have been featured in many publications, including Vision Magazine and San Diego Home and Garden Lifestyle, and Rachel has been featured on HGTV and The Design Network. Rachel has partnered with Unique Design Solutions to create her own tile color collection, and maintains an active clientele of both residential and commercial design clients. A former fashion stylist, Rachel’s passion for fabric, texture and color infuses all her creative work. Rachel is a master of weaving color into the spaces she designs to create energy, warmth and authenticity. There is a reason that clients line up to work with Rachel! Her warmth, enthusiasm and confidence manifest a seamless design experience and make the project fun start to finish.  


 A true design pro with years of experience, Rachel makes it a point to work with trusted tradesmen, quality craftsmen, skilled artisans, reliable installers as well as local artists to take each design project from concept to completion.

Rachel Moriarty,


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