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Press Release from ZUO MODERN...

ZUO’s Marketing Coordinator, Serena Martin, shared how the design collaboration begin; “Getting to know Elegant Mosaics team has been like adding new members to our ZUO family. The Cohen Brothers, #BrothersinBusiness, first pitched the idea to create a one of kind piece of art for our showrooms, we were excited by the possibly. After seeing their manufacturing and custom design capabilities, we opted away from designing a simple ZUO branded logo and instead let them create what they are known for- Custom Mosaic Designs. Working with our ZUO Visual team and their designers Rachel Moriarty and Donna Moss we came up with two entirely different custom designed artistic mosaic panels. Which we will feature in a collaborative vignette, at our D502 entrance. Collaboration vignette, will showcase how ZUO Décor accents and ZUO furnishings, can be incorporated into kitchen and bath designs with Elegant Mosaics glam + colorful mosaics.”

Further sharing that the initial brand collaboration lead to the development for ZUO’s Design Collaboration panel topic on “Providing Custom Design Collaboration for Your Clients”. Working with ZUO customer and designer, Christopher Grubb, Arch Interiors, lead to the expanded panel concept. Enabling ZUO to bring in branded partnerships with leading industry brands, who’s design collaborations from custom artwork, painting and mosaics, furniture, rugs, and home decor add an elevated aspect to their client’s projects.

ZUO’s CEO Luis Ruesga shared: “We are very excited by the branded partnership we have created with Elegant Mosaics. Working with Sam & Dave Cohen and learning how their company has grown and gained industry exposure since their launch in 2018 - reminds me or our own company’s growth. Knowing first hand that expanding any new business, while successfully navigating the retail, designer and hospitality markets, is not an easy task. Hearing that they also ship in 24 hours and have successfully distributed to each of the 50 United States, is an accomplishment we also share. I can’t wait to see how the brand collaboration and the Elegant Mosaics art panels are received at High Point Market.”

ZUO Presents: “Providing Custom Design Collaboration For Your Clients”

DATE: Monday April 8, 2019     TIME: 3-4pm  ** Followed by a 4-6pm Cocktail Hour with panelists in D502.


Learn from leading Interior design and brand experts who's one of kind design collaborations, add an elevated aspect to their client’s projects. From custom artwork, painting and mosaics, furniture, rugs, and home decor – you will hear how to make your designs stand out without breaking your clients budget.


Designer & Mosaic Collection: Rachel Moriarty, Rachel Moriarty Interiors

Mosaic Company: David & Sam Cohen, Elegant Mosaics

Designer & Television Personality: Jennifer Farrell, Jennifer Farrell Designs

Artist: Oliver Gal - Lola Sanchez, Chief Creative Officer, The Oliver Gal Artist Co.

Rug Manufacture:  Teresa Roberts, Jaipur Living


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