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If you are getting ready to head into a bathroom remodel and are looking for a timeless but chic look, one solution is to start with a neutral color scheme like grey and white.

My clients, are a young married couple with a beautiful lakeshore home.

They are in the season of their marriage where they are beginning to think about family planning. Right now, this bathroom is used primarily by the husband but they want it to be neutral enough that I could easily help them transform it into a little girl or boys bathroom in the future.

Here is are some BEFORE photos. We demo'd everything but the bathtub insert.

Since my client's wanted me to incorporate the original bathtub insert, we added frosted glass doors then I added decorative marble mosaic tile from the top of the insert to the ceiling. This gives the illusion that the entire bathtub surround is tiled. It was quite a transformation. I had a tight budget to work with and I'm proud to announce that I came in right on time and right on budget!

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