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Imagine waking up in the morning, reaching for your phone and instead of scrolling social media, you start your steam shower.....before your feet even hit the floor! Not a morning person? I'm about to change that!

There are so many benefits to steam technology. The biggest misconception is that you need a massive space to incorporate it into your home. The examples below show how you can take a standard bathroom and turn it into a wellness wonderland!

Steam and wellness are two things that go hand in hand. Steam has been used for centuries as a natural way to help with everything from acne to asthma to joint pain to stress relief. Steam is in the DNA of Mr Steam. They are experts at this technology and have been in the steam industry for over 100 years!

Holistic health isn't just a buzz word, it's where we are going as a culture. We are integrating both Eastern and Western medicine. Choosing organic and pesticide free foods. And we're looking back at some of the healthy ways our parents and grandparents approached feeling good.

Remember getting sick as a kid? What were the first tools in our parents arsenal to help us feel better? My guess is that it was a jar of Vicks Vaporub, a large pot of boiling water and a towel. How many times did we sit over that steaming pot with a towel over our head doing inhilations until could breath easily again. Even today when I get a bad case of the cruds, I have to do a steam treatment through a tube right in the doctors office.

Mr Steam doesn't claim to cure colds but they do know how to make you feel better on the daily! You can incorporate, Chakra Aromatherapy, Chroma-Therapy and Music into your steam shower experience. You chose your adventure based on how you want to feel that day! Sign me up!

If you'd like to learn more about steam technology and products, head over to the experts at Let's incorporate steam technology and wellness into your home, Mr Steam and I can help.


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