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Here at Rachel Moriarty Interiors, we work with clients all over North America. This client lives a state away from me in Tucson, AZ.

A funny thing happened when everyone was issued a stay-at-home-order and had to hunker down. Things got quiet....real quiet. Then suddenly a few weeks later, the phone began ringing off the hook! After a couple of weeks of being locked down, not only were people getting a little cabin fever but they also wanted to use every square inch of their home and expand their living spaces to the exterior of their home.


Under normal circumstances, my clients are big entertainers. Their vision for this space was to expand the eating area to the outdoors, add a new conversation area with a fire pit table and they also needed a shade solution.


Since this project was done remotely, the Design team was responsible for coming up with the concept, specifying the furnishings and accessories and space planning. My client and her husband were responsible for managing and implementing the design.


My clients have lived in this home as renters for over 10 years and recently had the opportunity to purchase it so they are finally able to make the upgrades that they have always wanted to do to on their home. We are concurrently remodeling the kitchen (can't wait to share that transformation once it's finished) so this project had a tighter budget. We also wanted to get them enjoying this space before we start demo on the their kitchen.


I just received photos from my client of the completed space. They were able to host their first outdoor social distance family gathering in their newly made over space this weekend. They truly brought my concept boards to life! Check out this side by side of my concept board and the photo they sent over.

I especially loved the photos that they sent over of their space at night, it looks so magical.

At Rachel Moriarty Interiors, we are committed to enhancing lives through exceptionally designed spaces. Contact us today if you have a project you would like to discuss.


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