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Who's ready for a new Project Reveal?

My client, purchased this beach house a year ago and we have been renovating and redesigning each space interior and exterior ever since!

My client is a world traveller and lived in Japan when she was a child. She has fond memories of her time there and wanted to incorporate a Japanese vibe into her primary bedroom.


I love using the color blue in a bedroom and it happens to be my clients favorite color. We decided to go bold on the feature wall, which you catch a glimpse of at the end of a long hallway.


The Boreas Teal wallpaper is the star of the show! The metallic highlights delicately lay upon a beautiful, rich teal textured paper creating an opulent, luxurious feel. The classic sprig design reminded me of a Cherry Tree when it's not in bloom and adds a contemporary, sophisticated look.


Shoji was incorporated into this space in different ways. First, we painted the walls and ceilings of this space in a Sherwin Williams paint color called Shoji White.

Next, we incorporated shoji screens. Shoji screens are a traditional Japanese architectural feature made from bamboo and paper and used to create privacy in a space. We purchased several shoji screens and had our contractor modify them into sliding closet doors.

My client also has a beautiful collection of vintage Japanese kimonos. Can you see why we were a match made in heaven? I just had to pull one out from behind the shoji screen to share with you.


I selected clean lined, modern textured window coverings. These have a touch of metallic which blends beautifully with the silver sprig detail in the wallpaper.


We used the most luxurious layers for this bed! It truly feels like a luxury hotel. I selected a silver grey bedding palette with a beautiful close up pin tuck details and a luxurious texture to the hand.

I popped in velvet peacock accent pillows. In Japan, the peacock is a symbol of compassion, kind-heartedness and is believed to ensure good health.

Peat, Poppy and Quinn can't get enough of the new bedding! Nothing in my designs are too precious for 4-legged family members. I also love having my clients pets around while I am documenting my work with my photographer so that you can see that luxury can also be livable! Plus, those faces!


You can't have a Japanese inspired space without iconic Noguchi Akari light sculptures. I absolutely love the warm glow that the light casts through the handmade paper light sculpture and I love how they float over each nightstand. The word, Akari, is a Japanese term meaning light, illumination and weightlessness.

Isamu Noguchi utilized traditional Japanese materials to bring modern design to the home. Like the beauty of falling leaves and the cherry blossom, Noguchi wrote, Akari are “poetic, ephemeral, and tentative.”


To keep the bedroom feeling serene or in this case...Zen Vibes, I styled the space using minimalist approach when it came to accessories and decor. That definitely takes a lot of restraint for a Maximalist like me!


There is an airiness and spaciousness associated with Japanese homes. I used a modern mix of clean lined Italian pieces to furnish this space. I'm completely obsessed with this platform bed on transparent acrylic legs, which makes it appear to be float weightlessly in the air.

This was such a wonderful space to design with its mix of old word traditional Japanese elements curated in a modern way. Plus, it was a perfect excuse to sport my newest kimono.....not that I need an excuse!

Thank you so much for stopping by! If you have a design project and you'd like to see if we'd be a good fit, all you have to do is head to the Contact Tab, answer a few questions and I'll get in touch with your shortly to set up an Introductory Call so that we can get to know each other, discuss your project scope and timeline and if it sounds like a good fit for both of us, we'll schedule your initial Design Consultation.

Out of the Box Interior Design Every Time,

- Rachel Moriarty

Rachel Moriarty Interiors is a subsidiary of House of Moriarty Inc


What a fabulous space- that wallpaper is incredible!!


Gone to heaven and died in this gorgeous bedroom that has me floating on clouds! That wallpaper, the peacock blue, that floating bed, that velvet sofa, all the Japanese details! Superbly executed vision and design Rachel! Your client must be SO happy!! And I love your new haircut. 💙

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