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Welcome to the first peek of one of my latest projects that I have had under wraps for the past year! My clients, a Millennial couple and gaming industry moguls, purchased this palatial multi-million dollar Mediterranean Style home during quarantine. Yes, this was a quarantine purchase! They own a MUCH smaller beach house just a few miles away but then they had to quarantine in 1,000 sq ft with 2 large active dogs and try to both work from home - that was not happening! This new home has more than enough space to quarantine for a decade! The home was the right size, in the right neighborhood with the perfect back garden with a pool and a putting green but the interior of the home was dated and my clients wanted to modernize in a way that had serious style without taking themselves too seriously. In other words, it's delightful!

This home will also play host to many philanthropic fundraising events benefiting children's charities and causes so although we elevated the home, we also created a space that is modern with touches of whimsey. Ready for a tour?


First let's talk about the renovation. Here's what we did...

- Updated the the old travertine floor with a new pet-friendly flooring that has the luxurious natural hardwood look without the worry.

- We modernize the swirly wrought iron stair rail with a modern horizontal style.

- We installed custom LaCantina style accordion doors throughout the house so that the dogs could literally chase the ball from the front yard through the house to the backyard.

- The star of the show is the towering 24' tall fireplace that we call affectionately call "The Death Star" which is an ode to their love of all things Space and Sci-Fi.

- Since my clients are super techie, we incorporated a lot of smart home solutions to the home and motorized all of the window coverings and drapery.

- We also incorporated touches of a design style called Memphis Milano which is an 80's design movement which has recently reemerged.


I am a child of the 80's so I remember Memphis Style like it was yesterday when MTV was the a biggest influence there was! To the Millennials and Gen Z'er's, I'm finding that some of them are gravitating towards this out-of-the-box style without necessarily knowing it's roots. Memphis Style is just as out-of-the-box today as it was when it originally hit the scene. I created a Memphis Moodboard so that you can see some of the elements of Memphis style.

- Graphic shapes in poppy colors.

- Black and white is used to ground the poppy colors.

- Black and white stripes, squiggles and graphic shapes.

- Curves.

- Terrazzo prints on surfaces.

- Surfaces like laminates, plexi and acrylics.

- It's bold and whimsical and little goes a long way.


The modern black wrought iron stair rails that we had customized for this enormous curved staircase, the second level catwalk as well as the loft really lends itself to Memphis Style. We hired the talented and hilarious painting duo, Very Gay Paint, to paint murals for us throughout the home. For this space, the homeowner wanted to highlight the unique architectural feature which is the catwalk. Nic, from Very Gay Paint created a concept for us which we tweaked a little to blend with the modern Italian furnishings that we had on order. The result? FAB-U-LOUS!

If you are unfamiliar with Very Gay Paint, they are LA based Comedians-turned-Painters as a result of being on lockdown during quarantine. All of their live shows got cancelled because of the pandemic so they started painting murals in their own home and posting hilariously entertaining content on TikTok and Instagram and within a few months, their brand literally blew up! They helped Kelly Wearstler launch her new paint line with Farrow & Ball, you can see that mural here. Before coming down to San Diego to paint our murals, they were at musician, Jason Mraz's house in Oceanside painting murals and creating hysterical content with Jason Mraz! Here's one of my favorite bits with the musician.

The one thing about Memphis Style is that a little goes a looooooong way. We kept it modern and minimal which is not easy for a Maximalist like me! One of my favorite touches that make me smile because they are soooooo my client are these fun modern adult-sized rocking horses in vibrant colors that we ordered from Spain! They are amazing and we totally had to have them! We also love the book stack turtle!

It wouldn't be a "Rachel Moriarty Interiors Project" without a little vintage. In fact, my client's love vintage and retro which is why we're a perfect fit! I found this amazing table from one of my favorite dealers while I was out treasure hunting. It's super swanky and looks amazing in this home!

Personal touches like my client's Tiki Mug collection was placed throughout the space.

I have to show off this amazing Italian modern entry way console as well as the fishbone wall sconces. This space is still evolving....because my client's aesthetic is so unique, we are slowly acquiring just the right wall art and accent pieces over time so please check back often as I update this project! In fact, they are currently at a Star Trek convention and they have found some pieces that we will be adding in.

And I course, I can't forget the four-legged occupants, Goomba and Doom. Let's be honest, they're really the ones I have to design this house for! I always joke that I design multi-million dollar dog houses.....that's not a lie. I think they approve!


Before we go on, I haven't shown you the "before" photos yet! I pulled these off of the real estate listing. The first 2 are of the space I just shared with you and the last one is the dining room that you're about to see. Big difference!


This Family Room/Den is still a work in progress. Because of the pandemic we have extra long lead times but this modern dining room is ready for it's close up! We updated the fireplace with a star tile, infusing my clients love of space into the design. Then we added this super sleek and modern Italian Orbital dining table that extends in one easy movement to accommodate my client's guests.

Somebody was giving us their best sad face during the photo shoot because we weren't playing ball. I've fallen for that look sooooo many times!

Thank you so much for stopping by! If you have a project coming up, please fill out the form on the contact page to set up a call to see if we're a good fit! If you want a "uniquely-you-out-of-the-box home" that doesn't look like your neighbor, I'm the designer for you! Peruse the project tab for more project reveals.

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This project turned out so amazing. This style is so interesting! I love the use of bright colors, geometric shapes, and lots of art.

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