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My hip, modern Millennial clients hired me to design a dreamy, modern and whimsical bedroom for them. They wanted a seriously designed space without it looking like they take themselves too seriously.


This home is located in the coastal town of Point Loma, one of the oldest communities in San Diego. In fact, it's historically important as the landing place of the first European expedition to come ashore in present-day California. The peninsula has been described as 'where California began'. It's a magical area that looks a feels so differently than the rest of San Diego county and has spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean, the San Diego Bay, the downtown skyline, and Coronado Island. I pinch myself every time I drive home and get to experience the amazing views. It's known for its iconic lighthouse, rugged cliffs, a marina and it's also a place where you can experience the magic of migrating whales all year. I did some migrating myself and migrated some whales right into my modern bedroom design!


I don't know whether to call it a Whale of a Mural or a Mural of a Whale! Ha ha.

My client loves pastel colors and whimsey, when we came across this Sky Whale mural during the Conceptual Phase of this bedroom design project, I literally got the goosebumps (which is always a sign to myself to stop the search, that's the one)! The pastel hues were absolutely perfect!

As much as I loved the Sky Whale mural, I was a little unsure about presenting it to my clients. I mean, whales and geodes floating through a blue sky with pink clouds? Would they go for that? Boy, was I in for the surprise of my life! They not only loved it, but my client immediately pulled out her cell phone and speedily started scrolling through her camera roll. She told me about a special moment that she and her husband shared at Burning Man. Can you guess what it included? Yup, a SKY WHALE FLOATING THROUGH A PINK AND BLUE DESERT SKY! I mean, what are the in a million? I still get the goosebumps when I think about it.....I have to show you her photos! Coincidence, serendipity, Design Fairy intervention? I have no clue but for this couple, this modern wall mural is absolute perfection!


Because this home was so old school Mediterranean with heavy cherry-toned wood and yellowish walls throughout, we needed to address and modernize every surface.

One thing you'll notice about the way I design is that I like to create a neutral canvas. I love statement pieces, color and whimsey but I like to add them in at the decorative level. Redesigning a home is a large investment, plus, my clients have multiple properties and love buying and selling real estate. I never design for resale, I don't believe in that, but I do believe in making smart design decisions when it comes to the more permanent design elements of a home.

This bedroom has a lot of angles and one exposed support beam that cuts through the space in the oddest way making it a little choppy. It also didn't feel cohesive, some of the trim was painted white some was left wood so I updated the wall and ceiling color (as well as the support beam) with Alabaster white paint.


We removed the old wall to wall carpet and installed LVT (luxury vinyl plank). More and more luxury homes are installing this very livable LVT flooring. My client's have 2 large dogs and wanted a flooring that would be easy to maintain. The oak wood tone and white walls give this bedroom a Modern Mediterranean feel. We also modernized all of the interior doors throughout the home by repainting them black.


The capsule mahogany bed designed by bespoke furniture designer Tracey Boyd, was inspired by her travels across globe. The artisanal craftsmanship and intricate fluid carved capsule design give this piece a stylish spin on modern design.

We layered the bed on a gorgeous plush area rug by another one of my favorite designers, Justina Blakeney. It makes your feet so happy!


We installed smart blackout shades for this techie couple. Smart shades that you can program to raise and lower at certain times of the day are indeed a luxury, but they’re also super useful and essential in this home since the walls are 10' tall. Once they're installed and programmed, they are compatible with all the popular smart-home platforms and apps.


Modern meets old school craft when it comes to the Jonathan Adler pillows that we incorporated in this space. They have bold graphics and saturated colors but were created using traditional needle-crafting, hand-stitching and hand-beading techniques. Definitely not your grandmas needlepoint!


The original fireplace was very traditional, we removed the heavy wood mantel but not to worry, we repurposed it downstairs on the family room fireplace.


In front of the fireplace, are a set of modern leather Italian chairs with repurposed sail shades on the backside. We thought that this was a cool touch since this home is in a fishing and sailing community.

The custom Italian nightstands have a sleek shape and surface, we played with tones of navy and blush pink and finished them off by adding a terrazzo top.

The modern media credenza features doors that are digitally printed. The pattern blends so well in this space (note: we are still waiting for the new large Frame TV so that we can finish this little alcove but I wanted to photograph anyway).


I laid my eyes on these over-scaled light fixtures months before I designed this space and knew that I would incorporate them in one of my designs. The fun thing about them is that they look large but guess what? They are as light as a feather (see below). They are fabricated with long strands of ribbons! When the lights are turned off the ribbons look grey and when you turn the lights on, the ribbons turn a soft pinkish lavender color which blends so well with the wall mural. They are soooo soothing, make great shadows and move ever so slightly when the ocean breeze comes through the French doors.


Because, who doesn't love a good ol' before and after moment?


Thank you so much for stopping by! If you have a design project in the works and you'd like to see if we'd be a good fit, all you have to do is head to the Contact Tab, answer all of the questions (don't worry, there are only 5) and I'll get in contact with you to set up an Introductory Call so that we can get to know each other, discuss your project scope and timeline and if it sounds like a good fit for both of us, we'll schedule your initial Design Consultation. Easy peasy.

Out of the Box Interior Design Every Time,

- Rachel Moriarty


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