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A picture is worth a thousand words that's why I love to take you behind the scenes of a project to show you the transformation and point out some of the finer details that sometimes get missed by just glancing at a photo.

The Design Dilemma:   

The kitchen was small and dark. This is a multi million dollar home with sweeping ocean views and as a designer, I could envision this space being a showstopper! It's the first thing that you see as you enter the home so I was excited to elevate this space and also incorporate my clients fun personality.

Before I share some of the key elements of this project, let me show you a little Before & After comparison because those are always my favorite. No, this wasn't a hoarding situation! My client brought me into the project, just as they were moving her into this space but it just shows you how designers can walk into a space and envision it's potential rather than the current state it's in.

Elevate and Enlarge:

It was a no brainer in this house to enlarge the window over the kitchen sink to take advantage of the ocean view. We also knocked down the wall that separated the kitchen and dining room and created one large open space. My client, an art and wine collector wanted both featured prominently in the space.

Designer Details: 

This space if filled with details! We used live edge Acacia wood throughout the space. The countertop material is a beautiful blue granite and we used a chiseled edge profile rather than a traditional profile. All of the outlets were modernized. We added a glass front SubZero refrigerator and not one but TWO wine coolers.

Create a Focal Wall: 

We ran the tile from the counter all the way to the ceiling to make this space feel expansive. We have a secondary focal wall wall where we displayed abstract art that we commissioned for this space by local San Diego abstract artist, Pnina Gold.

Color Connection: 

If you haven't figured it out already, my client's favorite color is blue so it was important to feature that color throughout. The blue Viking range is the star of the show! We also installed blue handblown glass pendants, added a blue kitchen island, commissioned abstract art and to keep the space from getting too cool, we added some pops of vibrant yellow and orange accents throughout to warm up the space.

This space is now elevated and truly a showstopper. It is a strong reflection of my client's personality which is always my number one goal.

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