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My client, an avid wine connoisseur, hired me to design a Panic Room, I mean a Pandemic Room, I mean a Wine Room! This space used to be a laundry room but who needs clean clothes when you have wine? (You'll get to see where we put the laundry room in a future post so stay tuned).


Before we get into the pretty, we have to start with the function. Wine is delicate so temperature and humidity control is important. There are several solutions to store wine. Some of them are...

  • Invest in a good wine refrigerator

  • Choose a cool, dry, dark spot for your wine cellar, away from windows or exterior walls, where the wine doesn’t experience exterior temperature changes.

  • Or install a wine cellar cooling system.

For this project, we went with the Wine Guardian cooling system - it's kind of like a mini split for wine!

Once all of that was figured out, it was time to decide on wine racks and cabinets. C'mon in and I'll give you a tour!


First we had to create walls so that we could enclose the space and control the temperature. We added a glass door so that you could still see the goods. For the wine storage, we used a combination of wine racks, wall racks, under cabinet racks and cabinets.

We had a lot of extra cabinets from a kitchen demo at another project and rather than throw them into a landfill, we fit some of them into this space then painted them a beautiful Burgundy color, inspired by red wine.


For the countertops, we were fortunate to partner with our friends at Vetrazzo and installed a gorgeous countertop, in the color Ruby Red of course! There are so many things that I love about Vetrazzo, one of them is the unique colors that they offer! The other is that it uses recycled glass. They combine recycled glass with a binder of additives, pigments and other recycled materials.

The gorgeous red glass that went into this countertop is hard to come by. To obtain this brilliant shade of red, they mix the original glass with genuine gold dust! Now that is the ultimate in luxury countertops! Here's a closer look at the beautiful details and each one is unique.


Back when “green” was just a color and not a sustainable development term, Vetrazzo was already using glass refuse to create stunning surfaces.

This is another reason I'm a super fan of Vetrazzo!

A slab can be made of 100% recycled glass so Vetrazzo is a logical choice if you are concerned about the ecological impact of your project.

Glass from surprising sources like old traffic lights, jars, windshields and architectural glass from skyscrapers has gone into Vetrazzo mixes. And as these glass sources evolve, the engineers, are always seeking similar pre- and post-consumer glass to maintain continuity in their products.

And one final reason I'm a super fan of can use their products OUTDOORS! I know, right?! I work on a lot of outdoor spaces and it can be so hard to find a product that is both resilient and stylish.


I was so fortunate to partner with another friend at and incorporated their NaturaPlank on the walls of the wine room. These plank panels add the warm and coziness of a wood wine cellar but also packs a punch when it comes to style!

They go on with 3M peel-and-stick tape so it's great if you're a DIY'er. For this project, we opted to properly install them since we were hanging heavy wine racks on the wall. If you are doing this in your own home, all you need is a tape measure, level, and a way to cut the panels to size then peel and stick the panels on! NaturaPlank™ wood panels are designed for indoor use only and you can also install them in bathroom and kitchen projects....or wine rooms! Sustainability is one of Living Décor’s top priorities. Since made from real wood, you can recycle or up-cycle your paneling once you are ready to recover your walls.


And a wet bar is a great way to take a standard wine room to the next level and we're all about the next level around here! Can we talk about this faucet for a minute with it's touches of red, I mean c'mon! We also installed a hammered copper prep sink which blends so beautifully into this space!


No space is complete without the wall art. These beauties were painted by the talented San Diego abstract artist, Pnina Gold.


Because, who doesn't love a good ol' before and after moment? Here is the wine room in all of it's glory!

BEFORE: This is what this space looked like before it's fabulous and highly functional is important!


Thank you so much for stopping by! If you have a design project in the works and you'd like to see if we'd be a good fit, all you have to do is head to the Contact Tab, answer all of the questions (don't worry, there are only 5) and I'll get in contact with you to set up an Introductory Call so that we can get to know each other, discuss your project scope and timeline and if it sounds like a good fit for both of us, we'll schedule your initial Design Consultation. Chin Chin!

Out of the Box Interior Design Every Time,

- Rachel Moriarty


For this project, we received products from Vetrazzo & in order to share our opinion about their products. This isn’t a sponsored post and all opinions are my own.

Rachel Moriarty Interiors is a subsidiary of House of Moriarty Inc


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