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One design style that has always stood the test of time is the traditional design style. Comfort, classic shapes, colors and patterns give the traditional style a warm and welcoming vibe. While decorating trends will come and go, traditional spaces will never go out of style.

My client, an elementary school teacher, reached out to me at the start of summer to help her update her family room. One of their recliners broke and she thought that this was the perfect time to revamp the space. Since this was right at the start of pandemic and quarantine, we worked on this project remotely. I provided all the the design direction and she worked on implementing the plan.

Here's what the space looked like BEFORE the transformation. It had been 10 years since the space had been last decorated. It was dark and tone on tone. We enlivened the space and injected it with new energy.


We wanted the space to be traditional but modern day traditional style.

  • We lightened and brightened the space by updating the wall color with fresh white paint.

  • Window coverings in traditional rooms show a classic style. We removed the heavy dark valances and kept the classic plantation shutters.

  • We switched out the leather sofas for a set of upholstered ones in a classic neutral.

  • For the fabrics, we opted for a blend of navy and cream printed fabrics then cozied it up with an earthy rust accent color.

  • We updated the large area rug in our new color scheme.

  • Traditional wood furniture typically has a mix of straight and curved lines with carved details. Since my client's existing furniture was in great shape, we decided to incorporate her existing items.

  • since it’s an open floor plan, we also addressed the kitchen island barstools by updating them with a classic navy and cream designer fabric.

  • Lastly, my client sourced a wood buffet from an online marketplace site which we updated with a stately navy paint color to blend with our new color scheme.

This is a great time to update your space. I'm happy to walk you through the process either in person or remotely. You choose your adventure!


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