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At last Las Vegas Market, Twin Star Home, the leader in electric fireplaces and sit stand desks, asked if we (my design bestie Treci Smith and I) would be interested in doing a Style Takeover in their showroom. It was an immediate "Yes"! We love when we get to collaborate on projects.

In addition to their large inventory of props, we were given a modest budget to add our own "Velvet Couch Sister" twist to the spaces. In true to 'us' fashion, we hit the thrift stores, yard sales and the clearance section of Target to pull this project together.

Twin Star Home gave us consumer design briefs to work with and our strategy was to create "moments" throughout our spaces and pieces of us and our story to bring this showroom to life. Some of the ways we created a sense of home was to bring in items of clothing from my son, artwork created by Treci's daughter, black and white family photos and articles of clothing and accessories from our personal collections.

As treasure huntresses, bringing in vintage and vintage-inspired pieces were a must! We brought in vintage barware, ceramics and ashtrays. And we dug into our memory banks to recreate moments in time. Treci's father always used to have peanuts in his man cave so we recreated that moment in our space. This is a sampling of the vignettes we created with their collection called Uptown Loft. We imagined that this guy was a cool cat that was an artist and loved the modern vintage aesthetic.

The other collection that we were given to style in the showroom was called Modern Dweller. We imagined that she was a fashion blogger that loved to scour flea markets for vintage clothing and home decor. Here are some of the ways that we brought that space to life.

A huge thank you to the Twin Star Home team for your hospitality! The showroom became our home away from home and you truly became family to us while we were away from ours!


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