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Every winter and summer, thousands of interior designers flock to Las Vegas for Las Vegas Market to scout the various furniture showrooms for latest and greatest products to add into our projects. This year, since I was doing a Style Takeover at the Twin Star Home Showroom, I had one free day before the official start of Las Vegas Market so I headed downtown to the Art District and found the most amazing store called Patina Decor. Don't let the name fool you though, this was THE BEST curation of vintage apparel and accessories that I have come across in a VERY LONG TIME! I purchased this beautiful new caftan (below). I don't know how I lived without it before!

Then it was off to Las Vegas Market to find new furnishing and decor pieces, meet with existing vendors, connect with new vendors and reconnect with other interior designers. This time I had specific projects that I was shopping for so my focus was on area rugs and since I'm in San Diego, outdoor casual furniture is one of my favorite categories.


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