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Maybe it was the desert winds while we were out in Palm Springs but the desert called us back! This time we decided to take a road trip to Joshua Tree for a weekend of hiking and site seeing. Joshua Tree National Park is located near Coachella Valley. It has some of the most amazing rock formations and of course, an abundance of Joshua Trees!


We started our hiking tour at Skull Rock! The rock formations are so impressive and they're easy to navigate. Trust me, I'm an indoor cat, so if I can do it you can too! The weather was gorgeous and there were tons of hikers and rock climbers there but it's so vast that it's easy to venture off on your own. I'm realizing as I'm writing this, that this is one of those places that simply does not translate in photos, you really have to be there to experience it.


Ever since the band U2 photographed their album, "Joshua Tree" in Joshua Tree, I've wanted to go! If you're not familiar, Joshua Trees are spiny tree-like Yucca plants. They look like a tree that you might see in a Dr. Suess book! They're super unique and fun to explore.


I wasn't expecting to be inspired color-wise in Joshua Tree and boy was I wrong! The skies were so blue on our first day that I couldn't help but be inspired by the Mother Nature's blending of the earth and the blue tones. There are also unexpected colors and textures that caught my eye. I came home and immediately started documenting and blending new color schemes from my photos. I'm sure that these colors will make their way into a project in the near future!


On our way home, we visited Pioneertown, a an Old West town built as a 1940’s movie set. Its history is super interesting, it was founded by a group of Hollywood investors as a place to film westerns. The buildings have 1880's facades and there are stables, saloons, a bank and a jail. There are artists that sell their work in the buildings and there is a really cool outdoor art installation with old school desks and old Remington typewriters. More than 50 films and TV shows have been filmed there. Very picturesque (and Instagram-able!)

The area surrounding Joshua Tree has a chill hippy vibe. There were a lot of vintage stores that we passed on our way in too. Let me know, have you ever been to Joshua Tree?

Peace out for now, I'll be back Joshua Tree!


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