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We finally made it to Week 8 of the One Room Challenge!! Cue all the applause! Are y'all ready for the final Maximalist Bedroom Reveal? Settle in with a coffee or a cocktail, it's a long one, but don't worry, there are lot's of pretty photos to pour over.


I am sooooo excited AND truth be told, feeling just a wee bit vulnerable inviting y'all into my bedroom!

Guys, this space was really NOT are some "Before Photos" for you to swipe through to prove it! Why I lived with this baby poop brown color on the walls for longer than a day is beyond me!

Much like everyone else during quarantine, I started looking at my home waaaaaay more closely and really noticing how it wasn't functioning for me anymore. I was the Cobbler whose son had no shoes! My bedroom and I were NOT vibing at all! In fact, I remember having a conversation about our bedroom with husband in the early days of the pandemic. I told him that I didn't think that I could stay in our bedroom for two weeks straight if I got sick and had to quarantine. FOR ONE, we needed a new mattress! We had been dragging out feet on getting a new one. Secondly, we had so much STUFF in it! It was painful to think about the process and it needed soooo much work and I just hadn't felt like dealing with it....and so I didn't!

Then a Divine Design Intervention happened! I got contacted by the One Room Challenge team to see if I would be interested in participating as one of the Featured Designer! That was a no brainer! I knew immediately that I would be updating my Primary Bedroom Suite. So c'mon in as I walk you through the finished project and spill the tea and share all of the links to products that I used to complete this project. Scroll all the way to the end and you'll find a list of sources. *** Note: if I haven't included a product link it's because the item is either a vintage piece that I treasure hunted or it's a family heirloom.


People always assume that because I'm a Maximalist, I don't like to use neutrals. The opposite is true. I love neutrals and I typically start my design process by neutralizing the space so that I can layer on pattern and color.

I find my inspiration in the way a Chef layers spices to a meal, or the way a Fiber Artist weaves colorful threads to create a unique tapestry. I use color to flavor the home, drawing out the passions of its occupants to create authentic, lively and beautiful spaces. - Rachel

The walls and trim were painted Thistle Gray by Kelly-Moore Paints. I have some odd trim issues in this room so I decided to paint them the same color as the wall so that they wouldn't stand out. The settee is a neutral off white velvet and the large Couristan Bromley Taiga area in Frost-Ivory is a very cozy textured neutral. It makes my feet very happy!

When I'm using neutrals, I like to make sure that they have either texture or pattern so that they're not too neutral. I used this gorgeous Balinese Peacock fabric Scalamandre from Calico Corners in Java for the bedding.


I decided that I really wanted a bold feature wall and a dramatic ceiling color. My husband was super supportive and let me know that he completely trusted my vision. I fell in love with this Milton & King Fantails Wallpaper and that really got the ball rolling. I got the goosebumps when I saw this pattern in this color way and used it as the jumping off point for the whole bedroom. Chicha Morada by Kelly-Moore Paints is the ceiling color. It is seriously such a soothing and relaxing color for a bedroom ceiling. It feels like a night sky.

Living in Southern California, we really needs ceiling fans most of the year. I'm obsessed with Kichler's Brahm 56 inch Natural Brass with Walnut Blades Ceiling Fan. It's modern but also blends well with my vintage vibe and this mid-century home.

The abstract wall art was inspired by my husband. He's quite the outdoorsman - he loves to surf, trail hike and camp so when I spotted these abstract landscapes with water and pines, I had to get them.


Designers are always talking about the importance of juxtaposition. Mixing high with low, neutrals with bold and modern with vintage is how I approached my bedroom project. It adds contrast, and interest and for me it also creates balance.

Juxtaposition can be defined as taking two objects, themes, or materials and combining them or placing them together to create a striking contrast

I have a looooong history of treasure hunting that started back when I was a little girl. My grandmother, Rose, was an antique dealer and I learned so much from her. I have a lot of furniture pieces that I've collected and moved with me over the years. I'm attached to them but they needed to be updated and refreshed. I purchased this dresser and mirror from hotel sale. I updated it with DIY Chalk Paint in Bohemian Blue then added new Schaub Lumiere Acrylic and Satin Brass Drawer Pulls.

I hunted this vintage hall tree at Kurtz Marketplace, a local consignment store, and painted it in Bohemian Blue Chalk Paint. I also purchased the Chalk Paint from a vendor at the same Marketplace. It's perfect little piece for hanging pretty dresses and kimonos!


Can we talk about how sexy this Apt2B Tatum Upholstered bed is in Wine colored velvet? This bed is the perfect marriage between fabric upholstery and solid wood accents. The shelter headboard design and makes it feel super cozy and is built to order in Los Angeles. We're absolutely obsessed with it.

How about the Apt2b Westmont Nightstands? They are sophisticated with solid Mahogany wood that's stained in a beautiful Black Oak finish. Not to mention the gorgeous brushed metal base.These nightstands have all the glitz and glam of regency style but I just love how much storage it gives us!

Originally, I had planned to hang my amber vintage globes over the nightstands but I really, really love my green vintage lamps and once I saw how they popped off of the wallpaper and how good they look with my new Green Squiggle Art by Virginia Beshear it was a done deal!

The orange Spoonflower Duvet Set has a mid century modern dandelion motif and adds the little bit of vibrancy that I was craving to the bed.


First and foremost, your bedroom should be your sanctuary for rest and relaxation. It can look all kinds of cute but if your mattress is past it's prime, you're not going to have a restful sleep. We were excited to collaborate with Tuft & Needle on this project. I explained that my husband basically sleeps like a rotisserie chicken and spins all night long! They recommended the Mint Mattress and it's absolutely perfect! There is no movement transfer, my daughter India even sneaks in in the middle of the night without waking us up it's that good!


Sooooo, see this pretty little area of the room? This used to be where my husband's computer desk was. We used to have a FULL house before my son, Etienne, moved out to be closer to his University. This space no longer has to play double duty like it did before, so now we have a great little seating area. I sit here and chat with my husband after work and we're really enjoying it!

We have little touches of family heirlooms mixed throughout our space. The wooden demi-lune table transforms into a tea table and belonged to my husband's grandma GG. The little blue stool that my foot is resting on came from my grandfather's home. He unexpectedly passed away just a day before this photo shoot. Cue the tears. I had my mom run it over from his house and quickly recovered it in blue Fabricut Trend fabric so that I could have a remembrance of him close to me.

I totally fell in love with the She's Blooming wall art from! I was so inspired by it that I added even more florals in the table top styling!

The pretty Jill Rosenwald pitcher is perfect for lemon-infused water. We have several citrus trees on our property so we're always infusing our water. I love how it contrasts against the Fabricut Trend fabric used in the new drapery panels The ruby red Fabricut trim is absolutely stunning! I love how it contrasts with the blue but also pulls in the wine colored upholstered headboard.

I moved this velvet settee from my office into the bedroom. True to my Maximalist style, I layered it with a faux shearling throw, bright pink Sarah Stader Silk Lumbar pillows and the round tufted yellow velvet pillow for a lemony pop of color.

It wouldn't be a Rachel-Space if Frida Kahlo didn't make an appearance somewhere so I added a little mirror to the tablescape. I love repurposing vintage ashtrays for other purposes. I used this one to hold my favorite nail polishes.

These Mitzi Hudson Valley Claudia Table Lamps are so PERFECT for a bedroom. I love the warm light they create. I don't know what I did before I had them - I probably keep them on 20 hours a day!

Nothing like a little dark chocolate and wine! Thank you so much for taking the tour with me! I'm going to also recap the closet and bathroom makeovers below.


In case you're new around here, we revealed the Closet Makeover in Week 4 of the challenge. Click HERE to read that post. Here's a reminder of how that turned out.


We just revealed our bathroom refresh in Week 7 of the challenge - click HERE to read that blog post.

That's a wrap y'all! I really hope that you enjoyed the full One Room Challenge Tour!


A HUGE thank you to all of our sponsors for making this transformation possible! Everyone was so enthusiastic and great to collaborate with - if you see something that catches your eye, the links are listed below.






* The above products were gifted by our generous sponsors in exchange for promotion. All items were specified by me, for me and all opinions are my own.


I could not have done this project without the assistance of a very special lady, Linda King aka: Mama King, the original DIY gangsta'! She enthusiastically jumped right in and helped me paint every surface of this room. She also fabricated the custom window panels, the custom Euro Shams and bed scarf. As if that weren't enough, she also made ALL of the gorgeous floral arrangements! So grateful.

Also, thank you to Deborah Shields Photography for once again capturing this project so beautifully for me! 25+ years working together and we still have the best time.

Special thanks to Linda Weinstein, creator of the ORC and Better Homes and Garden Magazine. To be asked to participate as a Featured Designer this season was a huge honor and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity.

Be sure to check out the reveals of this super talented group of fellow featured designers.


The One Room Challenge™, currently in its nineteenth season, is a widely anticipated biannual event every April and October. Each round, twenty design influencers are selected to take the challenge, as Featured Designers, and transform a space. Every week, the designers document their process while sharing their sources and professional advice over eight weekly posts.

Thank you to our Media Partner: Better Homes & Garden BH&G and to the ONE ROOM CHALLENGE: ORC for the opportunity!

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Bettsi Ledesma
Bettsi Ledesma
29. Juni 2021

You are amazing! You do really have a super power. Love all three spaces SO MUCH. I am in awe. So sorry for the loss of your Tata- he looks like a sweetheart. Thank you for all the inspiration- I hope you now get to have a little rest in your incredible bedroom.

Gefällt mir

27. Juni 2021

Oh my! The color, pattern and texture are all so wonderfully.

Gefällt mir

Mary Ann Benoit
Mary Ann Benoit
27. Juni 2021

Love, love, love all of it. Especially the accent wall, ceiling color and OMG that Bohemian Blue. All the birds in the wallpaper and the peacock bedding are perfect.

Gefällt mir

26. Juni 2021

What an inspiring use of color Rachel! If you have any issues designing your own spaces like some of us do, it doesn't show!

Gefällt mir

Natasa Jones
Natasa Jones
23. Juni 2021

This is fantastic Rachel!!! Even for a minimalist like myself. I just looove your eye for color and pattern!

Natasa Jones

Gefällt mir
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