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How are we already at Week 3....cue the heart palpitations! This week we really get cranking! If you have been following my Instagram Stories, you already know that we have been doing a ton of decluttering in preparation for painting! I'm practicing what I preach, we already have to move everything in order to paint which means that this is the ideal time to clear the clutter. MUCH easier said than done!

For this One Room Challenge, I'm tackling the three spaces that make up the primary bedroom....the bedroom, the closet and the en suite bathroom. Even though I'm a designer, I personally don't like to live in chaos! It's a smallish space with a small 1950's bathroom and a small closet that I share with my husband which is why the Kimono Bar in the room is a must!


I'm calling this "Wall Week"!

- Finish Decluttering

- Receive more room products

- Prep and paint walls, ceilings and closet

- Wallpaper installation in bedroom and closet


My Design Process varies from space to space. In the bedroom, I fell in love with this Milton & King Fantails Wallpaper! I selected that first then designed the space around it. I'm going to do a feature wall behind the bed with it and I'm also installing it in the ceiling of our closet.

We are painting the walls in the bedroom KM4912 Thistle Gray by our paint sponsor Kelly-Moore Paints. And the ceiling will be KM5581 Berry Bliss. Kelly-Moore Paints is available online in their Homeowner/DIY Shop, which is how I ordered the paint....that was a first for me! The team was so helpful, they recommended that I use their Premium Professional line of high quality interior latex paint which is designed to provide premium performance, excellent coverage, and easy application in a very low VOC formula.

I decided to do also do a mini refresh to our bathroom too. We had a flood a couple years ago and we "fixed" the bathroom but I never really decorated it. Y'all know the phrase about the Cobbler's son not having shoes, right? Guilty!

In the case of the bathroom, I used all of the existing elements in the bathroom as my starting point in the design process and used that to inform my wallpaper selection. This bathroom is tiny but functional but I want it to be FUN-tional! I selected Spoonflower Wallpaper Art Deco Swans - Multi Jewel Tone on Cream to give me all the color vibes that I was missing!

That's my week 3 update! I'm really excited about it because I'm hoping that it will be all downhill from here! Famous last words!! Wish me luck!


The One Room Challenge™, currently in its nineteenth season, is a widely anticipated biannual event every April and October. Each round, twenty design influencers are selected to take the challenge, as Featured Designers, and transform a space. Every week, the designers document their process while sharing their sources and professional advice over eight weekly posts.

Thank you to our Media Partner: Better Homes & Garden BH&G and to the ONE ROOM CHALLENGE: ORC for the opportunity!


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