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Welcome to ORC Week 2 where I'm sharing my Concept Boards for the challenge.


I'm approaching this project just like I would any client project by mapping it out on a concept board. I start with what I would like to keep and fixed elements. We aren't doing any major construction so there are a lot of quirks in this 1950's home that I will work with.

I also want to make it crystal clear that I have FULL sign off from my husband! He always says that he lives in my closet and he in is a major investor in my Kimono Collection and he likes to look at his investment just as much as I do! Ha ha!!

Okay, now remember that I am a Color-ista & Pattern-ista! Not sure if those are actual terms but now they are! I'm calling the concept of my primary bedroom, Dream In Color! We, my husband and I, are both Maximalists and Collectors so luckily we're both on the "More Is More" page. When I was selected as a Feature Designer, he just told me to go for it and I did! He understands what an awesome opportunity it is to work with so many amazing ORC Sponsors!


I decided to go all in on a Feature Wall, which in the design industry is a controversy but I tend to dance to the beat of my own drum no matter what. We have ALL new furniture on this wall from Apt2B PLUS a brand spanking new Cal King Mint Mattress from Tuft & Needle which we were in desperate need of! The Apt2B black nightstands are super sexy and act a neutral. We have a new Couristan Rug on order, art, fabric from Calico Corner and Fabricut. I'm bringing back my amber vintage globe lights which I love, the oval wall shelves (they are sooooo functional for us) and some candle sconces that I already own.

I thought a ruby red velvet headboard would be next level sexy in a bedroom and the Milton & King wallpaper is TO DIE FOR in person!


My Kimono Collection is too pretty to get tucked away in the closet AND we live in a 1950's bungalow with little closets so I decided to display/hang them like you would in a boutique. Getting dressed for me in the morning is fun and an experience for me. It's truly my favorite thing to do and I think it shows.


I haven't fully resolved this area yet but the above area is where my husband has his desk and "stuff". He works outside of the home so it's not really an office are but he has his desktop Mac and all of "officey" things consolidated here. He has a cube storage organizer as well that I am incorporating. He loves the outdoors and camping and hiking so I ordered some awesome art from of landscapes. My husband has the most incredible collection of vintage Coleman Lanterns you have ever laid your eyes on and I'm going to incorporate those as well. It's a tall order but I will work this out. I'm also adding in custom window panels with Fabricut fabric.


I have a vintage Hendredon French Country dresser that I love! People are always shocked when they find out that I had a family holiday house in Cognac, France. We spent many holidays over the 10 years that I was married to my first husband. That's why my son has such a French name, Etienne Lafayette. Anyhoo, I have always loved French Country and always will but I need to update this piece. I will be repainting it in a color called Bohemian Blue and then I'll be adding new beautiful cabinet hardware from Schaub as the jewelry!

I'm really excited to be working with artist Virginia Beshears too! She's custom creating the awesome green squiggle art for me! I have some awesome vintage green glass lamps that I am also keeping - similar to the ones shown on the board but not exactly.

So that's my roadmap! Let's see how much I will stick to it because you know, there are always lots of twists and turns when it comes to interior design! I'm happy that you're here for the journey!


The One Room Challenge™, currently in its nineteenth season, is a widely anticipated biannual event every April and October. Each round, twenty design influencers are selected to take the challenge, as Featured Designers, and transform a space. Every week, the designers document their process while sharing their sources and professional advice over eight weekly posts.


OMG the purples and the blues! It's going to be really gorgeous!


Jennifer Harrup
Jennifer Harrup
May 12, 2021

The wallpaper and art is so special!!

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