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Welcome to THE BIG REVEAL of the 1973 Airstream Argosy Moroccan Lounge for the One Room Challenge!


When my client first approached me about the idea of renovating her newly acquired 1973 Airstream Argosy for the One Room Challenge, I was all in! 8 weeks is a very tight timeline to finish a client project, especially with all of the supply chain delays that we are having right now in the design industry but with my team of trusted trades people, I knew we could pull it off!

The drama came on Week 7 as we were making our final push to me my photography deadline. Our Electrician was installing new lights and outlets when he came across burnt wires in the Argosy! We moved forward to finish but will have to come back at a later date to finish the electrical work.


My client and I had so much fun coming up with a concept for this makeover. Something about this Argosy made me think back to one of my favorite shows growing up called I Dream Of Jeannie.

I Dream of Jeannie was a fantasy sitcom TV series, starring Barbara Eden as a sultry, 2,000-year-old genie and Larry Hagman, as an astronaut with whom she falls in love and eventually marries. The show aired for five seasons, from 1965 to 1970.

I LOVED that show and remembered how cool the inside of her genie bottle was and that kicked off our brainstorm sessions. In the end, we landed on a Moroccan Lounge (aka The Marrakesh Express) Concept. It still has a nod to I Dream Of Jeannie.


Airstream Argosy has painted exteriors, which I LOVE, cause y'all know that I love me some color! We decided to use Majorelle Blue, a Moroccan-must on the lower half of the trailer and added some jewel-tones to give you a hint of what you will experience once you walk inside. I'm obsessed with how the silk sari curtain panels look through the back window! There is also a large area behind the bumper that was originally used to store hoses that we turned into a planter.

Throwing it back to the day the Airstream Argosy was delivered to my clients home so that you can see what it looked like before.

Also throwing it back to the day we had it craned this bad boy into my client's backyard so that we could begin our Moroccan Makeover.

I love how vibrant and happy it looks now! We left a little of the old patina so that it still has it's original vintage vibe.


Cassandra Schramm of Accents by Cassandra absolutely killed it on this project! She used faux plaster technique which added a custom artisan touch to this project and truly transports you to another place and time.

THIS my friend, is what the space looked like after it was demoed. It was pretty rough to say the least! Many decades and layers of grime to contend with. Also a blank slate for us to work with!

Again, a reminder of where we started this transformation. Poppy the poodle makes it look way cuter than it was!


I went full tilt Maximalist on this project when it came to colors and patterns! Go bold or go home, amiright?

Our paint contractor, Cassandra, used Modello Stencils, a one-time-use adhesive vinyl stencil, to create this decorative patterned border. She added gold leaf and jewel toned paint to make it pop off of the faux plaster finish.


You can't have a Moroccan space without a beautifully patterned area rug. Our friends at Mohawk Home were kind enough to sponsor this amazing Prismatic Pallava Rug area rug. It's absolutely stunning in this space and pulls everything together!

We layered it over the Mohawk Grey Felted Reversible Rug Pad for added padding and to protect the new flooring.


I had so much fun treasure hunting for all of the accents in this space. The jewel-toned glassware with gold accents were a perfect score that I found at World Market.


Don't underestimate the power of a good pouf! In this space, I added a tray on top with some spirits and now it's the perfect tiny alternative to an accent table.


It's all about the layers of flowy fabrics in this space! My client found vintage silk sari patchwork curtains online. Not only are they bringing the color and pattern but they billow so beautifully as the ocean breeze blows through the windows.


Moroccan design is all about details! We wanted the ceiling painted like the night sky with gold leaf stars. We also added punched metal lanterns to create beautiful shadow play which adds to the opulence overhead.


You can't hang out in the Moroccan Lounge without a little bling bling! I just had to have these blue slippers with gold embroidered thread! Believe it or not, the slippers are laying on top of porcelain tiles! How realistic do they look to actual wood? This is a new company that I have started working with called Deco Vita. This particular tile is called Burning Wood.

Speaking of Glam, my client is giving me all the I Dream Of Jeannie vibes in here with her beloved poodle Peat! They are loving their new lounge space layered with an abundance of pillows so that they can sink in and cuddle up. Peat's a big ol' lap dog in case you didn't notice. The extraordinary thing about Moroccan interiors is that they exude both comfort AND luxury.


I am so thrilled that I was able to participate in and COMPLETE my FOURTH One Room Challenge this season! This one was a nail biter for sure!

A huge shout out to the Dream Team for making this transformation possible!

General Contractor, Roberto Chavez

Electrician, Manuel Chavez

Decorative Paint Contractor Extraordinaire, Cassandra Schramm of Accents

Bob's Crane Service, safely setting the Airstream Argosy into place and giving the neighbors a show!

Jonathan Gogos, Gogos Polishing where we sourced the Airstream Argosy

Deborah Shields Photography for turning the photos around so quickly!

And to my amazing client for your friendship, collaboration and trust!


The One Room Challenge®, currently in its twentieth season, is a widely anticipated biannual event every spring and fall. Each round, twenty design influencers are selected to take the challenge, as Featured Designers, and transform a space. Every Wednesday, the designers document their process while sharing their sources and professional advice over six (8 during Covid) weekly posts.

In addition to following along, everyone with a blog or Instagram account, is welcome to join the fun as a Guest Participant by linking their own room transformations each week during the event. Each Thursday, the internet and social media are flooded with interior design inspiration, ideas, and encouragement.

To date, more than 5,400 rooms have been transformed through the One Room Challenge®. The event, and many of the spaces, have been recognized and featured.


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Jamala Kim Wallace
Jamala Kim Wallace
29. 11. 2021

Pure magic.. jeanie in a bougie bottle! I love the majestic colors and Moroccan style.

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Nicole Q-Schmitz
Nicole Q-Schmitz
28. 11. 2021

Wow - what a transformation with some big bold colour! Looks great :)

To se mi líbí

Absolutely like being inside of Jeanie’s bottle. What a fun transformation!

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