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A couple of weeks ago the day that I have been dreading my entire life came, and no, it's not Covid-19 oldest man child, Etienne, left the nest to move closer to UCSD where he begins his studies in the Fall. Of course, I'm super excited for him but we have a very special mother-son bond. We spent endless hours during quarantine in the kitchen - meal planning and cooking - and I miss his company to say the least.

His baby sister, 10 year old India Rose, misses him as well but has had her sights set on his bedroom ever since he mentioned moving out. India is a creative in her own right, she's a drummer with The School of Rock in non-pandemic times and spends hours building and decorating houses online! She already has her own aesthetic when it comes to styling her space and she was excited to put her own stamp on her big brothers old bedroom.

We had ONE RULE.....this makeover had to be done on a budget! We had to "shop" the house first THEN we could fill in the gap with a couple of decorative items.


Here's what the space looked like the day Etienne moved out.


To pull this project together for India Rose, we first went through other areas in the home as well as my Design Studio to see what I had on hand.

  • The scribble curtains are perfect for this space and I happened to have 3 panels on hand!

  • She always loved this dark blue grey of the bedroom so we didn't need to repaint the walls.

  • We brought in her full sized bed, her desk and some wall art from her old bedroom.

  • India found an inspiration photo that she liked and asked my paint a similar modern mural on wall for her. We love the way it turned out!

  • She scoured the house for faux plants to add throughout her space.

  • We also curated a layered bed look from a mix of Belgium linen and textured textiles that we found in the the studio - I love this so much more than your typical "bed in a bag" look that most kids do.

  • We repurposed 2 3x5 rugs to create a headboard - that's one of my favorite hacks that we pulled off for this space.

  • She loved the modern area rug that was in my design studio and added that to her space.

So lots of stealing from Peter to give to Paul. I loved showing India how you can dig deep, get creative and curate a look from items we already owned.


The only items we had to purchase for this project were paint for the wall mural and a new hammock swing chair - that lambswool pillow and throw are items that I already owned. Everything else we already had! We had to dig deep but we love how it her makeover turned out!


Stay tuned, like I always say, when you change one thing, you change everything! I moved my office into India's old bedroom and am working on pulling that space together and I also received the SOS call from my son, Etienne, to come help him decorate his new digs! I cannot wait to pull his space together for him!


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