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Q. How long does a design project take?

A. That's a very loaded question! It really depends on what service you need. If you already own quality furnishings and decor items then you may just need a Room Makeover or a Style Takeover. The whole process can take a few short weeks from the initial consultation - a couple of days to pull some additional items together to elevate your existing items, then a day to install and style the room.

If you're doing a Full Service Design Project then you are looking at months and remodels can be as long as a year or even longer depending on the size and scope of the project.

The projects that I work on most are furnishings and decor. There's the initial consultation, going over your needs, wants and inspiration photos. Then using visual tools to work on the Design & Concept Development. Revision rounds. Sourcing all of the furnishings and finishes, procuring all of the items then receiving, inspecting and consolidating everything in the warehouse. Then construction items and finally the final installation.

One misconception is that furnishings arrive quickly. HGTV timelines are not what they seem, I should know, I've been there done that as an HGTV Designer. Because we use to-the-trade only sources and custom design our furnishings, window treatments and soft goods (think pillows & bedding) the process is much longer and there are a lot of moving parts involved. First, we have to design the piece, then we have to order fabrics which takes a couple of weeks to arrive, then send them to the work room to be fabricated. This process takes several weeks to complete. And if you ever hear us use the term "Quick Ship" don't get too excited! That is an industry term that means that a furniture piece has some minor customization options and will typically deliver in 4 weeks. Every project has it's bumps and obstacles....out of stock, back orders and discontinued items can stretch the timeline.

So you can see, even if the designer works fast there are a lot of logistics that go into your custom design project and the final result, is well worth the wait! PLUS, we take care of all of those details for you! I'd love to guide you through the process! Head over to the Contact Tab to get started.


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