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I am so excited to finally be able to share that I have been selected as one of the featured designers for Seasonal Living's Premiere Luxury Digital Designer Showhouse. This is truly a historic moment for our design industry and I'm thrilled and honored to be part of it. When I was approached by my friend Leslie Carothers of Savour Partnership and she told me about the project and who was going to be involved, it was a full body "yes"!

The Business of Home had the exclusive story on it and you can read their article about it here.

I'm also including the press release unedited and in it's entirety because there are so many details to share!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Gary Pettitt 512-983-5738 THE FIRST 3D WALKAROUND AND SHOPPABLE LUXURY DESIGNER SHOWHOUSE BUILT ENTIRELY IN THE VIRTUAL WORLD Austin, TX, Thursday, Sept. 17, 2020 In an innovative response to changing ways of doing business within the pandemic environment, Seasonal Living Magazine is pleased to announce the creation of the world's first tourable and shoppable luxury designer Showhouse, built entirely in the virtual world.

Designed from the ground up from the imagination of Seasonal Living Magazine's publisher, Gary Pettitt, this 20,000 square foot virtual modern luxury designer Showhouse is located atop a 20 acre estate overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Malibu, CA and will live online, forever, within a special edition of Seasonal Living Magazine. Debuting on Dec. 3rd, 2020 at 6 pm ET, during a professionally produced live VIP Special Event, anyone who would like to see the Showhouse first can register to attend the VIP Launch Event on this link: Because the luxury designer Showhouse is virtual and the designers have not been constrained by budget, they have had complete creative freedom to implement their designs. As a result, the virtual designer Showhouse contains hundreds of inspiring and beautiful new ideas, focused around wellness and sustainability, for everyone around the globe to enjoy and explore from the safety and comfort of their homes. Many of the rooms in the Showhouse are multifunctional and serve unique purposes, dictated by the way families want to live now. For instance, the kitchen, with its 3 story live food solarium, will showcase how growing your own food - indoors - is possible. The Showhouse has been rendered using state of the art technology to allow for a lifelike 3D walk around experience using a computer mouse, with product discovery and augmented reality highlights and virtual reality incorporated into each room, so consumers can try out some of the featured products in their own homes. Each participating interior designer will be taking their own online audiences on an exciting journey, via their social media channels, blogs and You Tube videos, as they design their rooms with products from our participating sponsors. The inaugural sponsors are, in alphabetical order, Robin Baron Design, Cosentino, The Howard Elliott Collection, Fabricut, Inc., Global Views, Jaipur Living, Inc., Minka Group, Nathan Anthony, Niermann Weeks, Revel Woods, Seasonal Living, Sherwin-Williams, Signature Kitchen Suite, Stressless, and Universal Furniture.

The featured designers are, in alphabetical order, Carla Aston, Robin Baron, Arianne Bellizaire, Jeanne Khoe Chung, Gloribell LeBron, Ariana Afshar Lovato, Rachel Moriarty, Laura Muller, Veronica Solomon, Erika Hollinshead Ward, and Michelle Jennings - Wiebe.

Global View’s co-owner, David Gebhart, said about his company's participation as an inaugural sponsor, "Here at Global Views, we have always been known as an innovative company. By participating as a sponsor in Seasonal Living Magazine's virtual luxury Designer Showhouse, with its augmented reality features and its 3D walkaround experience, we have the opportunity for both luxury consumers and the industry to safely see and discover our products in a fresh new way, reflective of the times we are living in." Having our collections presented in stunning, beautifully designed rooms by the 11 nationally known interior designers who will have no budget constraints, allows their imaginations to take flight, and we are excited to be a part of this industry first - a Luxury Designer Showhouse built entirely in the virtual world, that will live online forever, for the world to enjoy." Danica Jones, senior director of marketing for global textile powerhouse, Fabricut, Inc., says of their participation as an inaugural sponsor, "Fabricut has always been known for innovation. "We see Seasonal Living Magazine's Luxury Virtual Showhouse as a way for the 11 participating interior designers to showcase the various ways our entire brand portfolio can be utilized beautifully, unconstrained by budget." It also gives us international reach to designers and consumers. In addition, the content being produced by the Showhouse designers along with the product links embedded into the Showhouse rooms, offer us a way to share our brand's story in fresh, new ways that live online, forever. Robin Baron, CEO of Robin Baron Design, who is both a participating designer and an inaugural sponsor, said this about her participation,

"I'm very excited to be both a participating designer and a sponsor. As an interior designer, I love the idea of having unparalleled creativity to express my vision, and as a sponsor, I love knowing my company's products can be seen and explored by a global audience of homeowners and interior designers, in the safety and comfort of their own homes." Gary Pettitt, publisher of the quarterly shoppable consumer facing Seasonal Living Magazine, about all things seasonal with respect to Food + Recipes. Design. Wellness. Entertaining. Travel, and owner of the 5x Arts Award winning modern indoor/outdoor furniture, lighting and decorative accessories brand, Seasonal Living, said, "When the pandemic hit, I realized that not only my business, but all other manufacturing businesses within the furniture and kitchen and bath industries were going to be seeking fresh, innovative and safe new ways to reach our customers. Further, I wanted to find new and innovative ways that we could bring product manufacturers and world-class designer talent together to create enhanced ways for both sides of the industry to work closely together. It's been a genuine pleasure to bring this innovative concept to fruition, along with the help of Leslie Carothers, CEO of Savour Partnership, and Jenna Gaidusek, CEO of the eDesignTribe, the other two principals in the project. We hope people around the world will enjoy touring it in the pages of Seasonal Living Magazine for years to come." ABOUT SEASONAL LIVING Seasonal Living is a 5x Arts Award winning manufacturer and importer of modern indoor/outdoor furniture, lighting and decorative accessories. Seasonal Living has been in business for 17 years and is well established in both the international residential and hospitality markets. Seasonal Living has a permanent showroom in Building C on the 4th floor of Las Vegas Market and has shown in Interhall at High Point Market for the past 10 years. Seasonal Living is known for its innovative use of sustainable materials in the production of their furniture as well as for supporting factories around the world that have been involved in small batch artisanal production for generations. ABOUT SEASONAL LIVING MAGAZINE Seasonal Living Magazine is a separately owned media asset of Gary Pettitt. It is a consumer facing luxury lifestyle shoppable digital magazine published 4 times a year. Its mission is to encourage people around the globe to live more in harmony with the 4 seasons of Fall. Winter. Spring. Summer. through inspiring images, articles and videos about all things seasonal with respect to Food + Recipes. Design. Wellness. Entertaining. Travel. Seasonal Living Magazine currently reaches approximately 53,000 people with every issue and is produced, designed and written by Leslie Carothers, CEO of Savour Partnership and her company’s Creative Director, Sam Henderson, for Seasonal Living. The Fall issue will debut on Oct. 15th and the Special Edition issue, containing the magazine’s virtual designer Showhouse, will be available on Seasonal Living’s website on Dec. 4th, 2020, on this link: All 9 past issues of Seasonal Living Magazine can be accessed on Seasonal Living is on Instagram as: The official hashtag for the virtual designer Showhouse is: #SLDS21


Hi Rachel! You're right! There is so much information about this incredible project! All of the time and effort that has gone into creating this is absolutely unreal. The Howard Elliott Collection is proud to be a part of "the showhouse of the future" and we are so excited to see your creation come to life. We know if will be full of color!


Oct 26, 2020

Hi Rachel! Good morning! Thank you for a wonderful blog post re: Seasonal Living Magazine's Luxury Virtual Designer Showhouse. It's so exciting to have you as a participating designer in this and I cannot wait to see what you've created for this and look forward to it so much! For any of Rachel's friends that may be seeing this: don't miss joining us for the live, free and FUN online launch party event on Thursday, Dec. 3rd at 6 pm ET! You can register now for it here: As Rachel would say: #easypeasy. Have a great week ahead, Rachel!

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