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It's that time again! Spring High Point Market is right around the corner.

If you are market first-timer and have never been to market OR you haven’t been to market in a while, you should consider joining the High Point Market Insider's Tour that I will be leading!


High Point Market is THE world's largest furniture market located in the furniture capital of the world, High Point, NC!

There are 180 buildings.

There is 11,500,000+ sq. ft. of showroom space.

75,000 designers, retailers and buyers make the trek to High Point Market each Spring & Fall.

There are over 2000 exhibitors.

There are tens of thousands new product introductions.

The Southern Hospitality is great and they make easy to navigate but you don't know what you don't know which why it's great to have an Industry Insider guide you through market on the first day.

This tour will familiarize you with the various neighborhoods in High Point. As we walk through market we'll point out the best places to get good eats (and cocktails), where and how to catch the shuttles, market center, we'll venture off of the beaten path, attend a panel discussion and the best part is that you'll get to network with the vendors and your colleagues! We'll be sipping, shopping and nibbling our way through market and afterwards you'll feel way more confident and the rest of your time at market will be that much more enjoyable.

If you’re new to High Point Market, the Insiders Tour will get you started in style. Designed by industry insiders to show you the inspirations, connections and business opportunities available here, this half-day or full-day journey will take you through some of their favorite showrooms. You’ll meet and greet makers and influencers who move our industry forward, and learn how to use High Point as a business-building, connection-making, inspirational encounter that will boost your professional brand. - High Point Market Authority


This is a full day tour, here's how the day will unfold.

We start our off with breakfast, a short orientation and meet and greet.

From there, we will break into our tour groups and set off for the whoooole day.

Then we'll walk and talk from showroom to showroom where we will meet the top executives and reps from each brand. You will strengthen your professional network, gain a fresh outlook and expand your horizons.

On our final stop of the tour, we'll unwind, rest our feet and enjoy a cocktail reception.

It's quite easy to navigate Market Center which is why on my tour, we'll focus on the showrooms that are a little off the beaten path. We'll tour showrooms that are unique, have great customization options and are great to work with. As a Designer myself, I know that these things are important to add to your repertoire. It took me years of attending market before I started venturing out to these showrooms.

The showrooms that we will visit will be in the mid to mid-high end range. Lastly, we will end our day (and rest our feet) with a Cocktail Mixer.

This is a fast paced tour and we cover a lot of ground in short amount of time. We will be literally pounding the pavement so come prepared with comfortable shoes and layers because the weather in High Point is typically cool in the mornings and evenings and nice in the afternoon.

Please keep an eye on the weather and dress appropriately because even though we will be visiting showrooms, this is primarily a walking tour although we will have a couple of shuttle rides scheduled as well.


Some of the perks of the tour are that you get to meet the industry leaders, influencers, makers, artists and of course your colleagues. We also get access to places that may be hard to get into, especially for a first-timer. Last market we got to see Justina Blakeney from The Jungalow speak! Not to mention the iconic Caroline Hipple, President of Norwalk and so much more!

Just wait until you see what we have scheduled for this market! It's going to be a tough venue to get into and we, as a group, have access!


This tour is sponsored by High Point Market and is FREE to you but you will be responsible for your own travel and hotel or AirBnB arrangements.


Did you know that High Point Market has its own Travel Concierge Service? Contact Travel Quest Inc. and they can help you schedule your flights, shuttles and accommodations. Ask for Lee.


- This is a FULL DAY TOUR. That means you MUST be able to attend on Saturday, April 22 from 8:30am - 6pm in order to qualify for the Insider’s Tour. If you cannot commit to the entire time on this one day you won't qualify.

- Partial day participation for the Full Day tours is not available so please make your travel plans accordingly or you will forfeit your spot on the Tour if unable to participate from 8:30am -6pm.

- All participants on the Tour must submit an application and be approved to join the Tour.

- No more than 2 people from the same company can participate on a single Tour.

- If 2 are attending from the same company, each person must submit an application form.

- The application deadline is April 7, 2023 but please note that all of the Tours fill up very quickly so we encourage you to apply early to secure a spot with your requested Tour Guide. We had a record number of people sign up for the tours last market and even increased out group size.

- You will be given the itinerary on the morning of the tour and not a moment before. I know you like to plan, so plan to enjoy the tour and allow yourself to be fully taken care of between the hours of 8:30a-6pm on Saturday.


Here are some photos from last market. By the way, if you are traveling solo, this is THE place to meet people. At last market, we had several of the designers that stuck together throughout market and became besties. I know that this is how I've met so many of my design besties.


I look forward to seeing you in High Point in April! Be prepared to take lots of beautiful photos in all of the gorgeous showrooms!

For more information and to APPLY for the Insiders Tour, please visit the High Point Market site.


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