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In the world of interior design, there is a common misconception that luxury services come with a price tag that makes it inaccessible to most people. I'd love to shed light on the various ways that Rachel Moriarty Interiors closes the gap by having service offerings that are attainable to all and will still help you transform your living space tremendously.

If you're like the majority of our clients, you've probably never worked with an interior designer before so I'm going to share my insights on how embracing interior design can enhance your way of life, regardless of your investment level.


Interior design has long been associated with high-end, lavish homes and exclusive clientele. While these opulent projects showcase the true potential of design, they are only a fraction of what can be done. Consulting services help bridge the gap, allowing anyone to experience the benefits (and the joys) of a beautifully designed home.


Investing in the expertise of an interior designer goes beyond simply making your space aesthetically pleasing. It's about creating an environment that aligns with your personality, lifestyle, and functional needs. From optimizing the use of your space to improving the flow and creating a harmonious and vibey atmosphere, professional interior design will positively impact your day-to-day life.


With attainability as a core principle, of Rachel Moriarty Interiors, we offer a range of consulting services tailored to suit different budgets. Whether you seek a one-time consultation to receive expert recommendations, guidance on color schemes and finishes, or a complete overhaul of your living space, there are various options available. This variety ensures that everyone can access the benefits of professional design advice without breaking the bank.


While it's possible to go it alone, a professional interior designer brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise and resources to the table. Our experience in working with different spaces and personal preferences equips us with the ability to create cohesive designs that reflect your unique style. Additionally, our access to a wide network of suppliers, many that you've never heard of, means that you'll get a truly uniquely designed home.


If you've been contemplating enhancing your living space, and waiting for a sign to take action, this is it! Our calendar is full of large exciting projects but we are creating space in our calendar for smaller scale consulting clients each month as workflow permits. Appointment availability is limited each month, so we encourage you to book a consultation at your earliest convenience to secure your spot. And if we are at capacity, we will add you to our waiting list.


Virtual Room Makeover: Get a personalized virtual consultation where we'll meet to discuss possible design concepts, furniture arrangement suggestions, color palette ideas, and shopping recommendations - all without leaving your home!

Color Consultation: Not sure which colors to choose for your space? Color is our jam! Let us help you select the perfect color scheme that suits your vibe and enhances the ambiance of your room.

Furniture Layout Assistance: Need help arranging furniture in your living room, bedroom, or office space? We can guide you through various layout options to maximize functionality and create a good flow in your space.

Showroom Design Session: Are you taking on a kitchen or bath renovation? Let us take the stress out of selecting tile, countertops, flooring or cabinets style/color by working with you at our go-to tile and stone suppliers to set you up for a successful result! We can also help with furnishings and accessories for your home if you need help with that too. This removes the overwhelm and makes the experience joyful!

Decorative Lighting Consultation: Illumination is a key element in any interior design. We'd love to meet your at our go-to lighting showroom to help select decorative lighting to enhance the visual appeal and functionality of your space, ensuring that every corner is perfectly illuminated.

Small Space Design Solutions: Dealing with limited space? We have just the right tricks up their sleeves to transform your small area into a cozy and stylish retreat.

Artwork and Decor Curation: Choosing the right artwork and decor can make a significant difference in the overall look and feel of your space. We'll help you curate a collection that reflects your personal style and adds personality to your rooms.

Renovation and Remodeling Advice: Planning a renovation or remodel? We can help you make informed decisions on layout changes, material selections, and overall design solutions.

Interior design isn't an exclusive luxury reserved for a fortunate few. With numerous affordable consulting services available, it's not only beneficial but accessible to you too. Embracing hiring a professional interior designer to help will enhance your way of life, making your living space not only visually pleasing but also functional and tailored to your specific needs. Don't sleep on this opportunity to treat yourself to the gift of home. Not sure exactly what you need, we're happy to hop on a call with you and discuss your upcoming project with you.

Book your consultation today and embark on your journey toward a beautifully designed home!

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