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Dunn-Edwards Paints has announced its 2020 Color of the Year — Minty Fresh — a water soft and mentholated green. “Minty Fresh reflects the optimistic spirit of entering a new decade of fresh starts,” said Sara McLean, color expert and stylist for Dunn-Edwards.

I LOVE Minty Fresh!! As I look around my home, I have little touches of everywhere. It's almost as iconic as a little Tiffany Blue Box. Scroll down, I did a round up of all of the ways I've used in some of my own projects and let me know what you think about Dunn Edwards 2020 Color Of The Year.

McLean selected Minty Fresh after extensive research on color and trends within nature, fashion, technology and history. Variations of this hue have been trending over the past few years, from lighter cactus to darker teal blue-green. The grounded yet active color plays well within a variety of other hues and works within both organic and high-tech influenced palettes.

Minty Fresh can be found in Art Deco design and the 1950s home, but the invigorating shade of green also represents growth. Green is the traditional color of nature; this refreshing shade hints at the grounding energy of green with upbeat enthusiasm — optimistically celebrating a new year and the infinite potential ahead. “This color represents looking to the future with a nod to the past,” said McLean. “We are searching for tranquility and finding the balance between calm and progress.”

Dunn-Edwards recently released the 2020 Color and Design Trends videos with the overarching theme of “Optimistic Endeavors.” The videos’ stories depict hopeful personal journeys to discover new beginnings while embracing the present. The video “Fresh and Free,” in which Minty Fresh is featured, shows one woman’s quest to recharge and find clarity in a complex, modern world.

For a bright and youthful palette, McLean suggests pairing Minty Fresh with Wintermint DE5689, Aspen Yellow DEC732 and Fiery Coral DET426. To play up the vintage aesthetic, McLean advises trying Minty Fresh with Palm Springs Splash DET536, Cherubic DE5042 and Cultured Rose DE5123. To keep a classic look on a home’s exterior, McLean recommends using Minty Fresh as an accent color for the front door, White Picket Fence DET648 as the trim color and Reclaimed Wood DET625 as the body color.

For more color palette ideas and inspiration, visit our design blog and see the video.

About Dunn-Edwards Corporation

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