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I have to tell you, I am truly blessed to be able to work In some of San Diego's most gorgeous historic homes! It's a dream come true to be a tiny part of it's history.

I was so excited to see my client's home hit the market. She hired me several months ago, when she was overwhelmed with a newly purchased home, a busy family life and this large house that needed to get prepared to be listed on the market.

When it comes to staging a home for resale, the outside curb appeal matters! This gorgeous gem is a recent addition to the City of San Diego's Historical Resource registry. This 1912 home embodies distinctive characteristics of the Arts and Crafts aesthetic with a mix of stylistic details attributed to Prairie and Craftsman architecture. I strategically updated the exterior paint color scheme to highlight the homes details such as it's wraparound porch, pergola, sleeping porch and windows.

Overall, the paint and stucco was in good condition but I really wanted to draw attention to all of the beautiful craftsman architectural details. We had the house completely power washed then repainted all of the trim detail in Sherwin Williams Shoji White. Here's a BEFORE & AFTER of the homes transformation.

There are so many ways that you can benefit by hiring a professional designer to help you select colors for your home.


Painting your whole home is an investment, especially if you have large home. I have seen some homes cost the homeowner $30,000.00 +/-. A home like this has a lot of detail to it and is a lot of work for a the paint contractors. A Color Consultant can help you avoid costly mistakes by selecting the perfect colors the first time. We use our knowledge, experience and visual tools to make sure the color scheme is going to work.


Often times couples are in a head lock over paint colors. A professional can act as an objective third party, won't take sides and will help you come to a fair compromise where everyone feels heard and like a winner.


Often times I arrive at a clients home for a color consultation and my client is frozen in the decision making process. There are different colored paint patches everywhere and stacks of paint chips from the many visits back and forth to the paint store. There is typically a husband lingering around who is completely over it and just wants to move forward with the project without having to paint another sample on the wall! I will gently nudge the indecisive partner into committing to a color and moving forward. I will then send the paint specifications over the paint contractor and have him schedule the job as soon as possible as well. The project moves forward, my clients are happy....another marriage saved!

Do you need a Color Consultation for your home? Click on the Contact tab to get started.


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