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I was so honored to have been invited to be one of the Featured Designers in the Seasonal Living Magazine Luxury Virtual Showhouse! This home, even though built virtually, is located on a plot of land located just a couple of hours up the coast from where I live in Malibu, California.

I grew up on the west coast (best coast), my husband is a surfer so I know our coast intimately. What a lot people don't realize is that the Pacific Ocean is chilly (okay, it's downright cold) most of the year and our coastline can be rugged and moody blue. I used this as my jumping off point.


I started by pulling together inspiration photos of the Malibu Coastline. These Photo Inspiration Boards were my North Star for this project. You can see below how that translated into my Laundry/Decontamination Room.

Cool navy metal cabinets from Universal's Getaway Coastal Living Home Collection which I refer to as my "Cabinets of Curiosities" are a stylish way to store items. I love a piece that has both closed storage as well as space to display items...winning!

Fabricut's Pokhara Wallcovering in Dune reminded me of the jagged cliffs of the Malibu coastline.

The colors of the Malibu Coastline even influenced the Global Views accessories that I selected for my space!


Nothing that a designer does in a space is by happenstance. Rhythm and repetition is a strategy that we use to make a space feel cohesive. I'm a designer that blends a lot of colors and patterns together so I use repeating shapes so that the space doesn't feel chaotic.

For this space, I was inspired by the circular shape of the LG Stackable Washer and Dryer doors....I know, hang with me. I just love it as a graphic element and that influenced the selection of the fashionable and bold Robin Baron Icon Sconces (which you can purchase directly here). The Minka Group ceiling fixtures ticked off two boxes for me....they had the circular shape that I was after but also reminded me of the spinning motion of the washer and dryer! I know, that's just how my mind works! The Seasonal Living Time ceramic side tables are a small but mighty statement piece. When I don't use color, I love to incorporate high contrast pieces.


When I think of staring out at the vast Pacific Ocean, I also think of the gorgeous skies with their swirling, marbled clouds. Showhouse sponsor, Cosentino, has a fabulous Dekton wallcovering in Liquid Sky that pays homage to the swirling energy and perpetual motion of the sky. I love how it looks in this space. This family has a four-legged family member so we added a Dog Shower in this space as well. I used Cosentino's Mythology Gris on the surfaces of the dog shower, the laundry table as well as the vanity. I love how grounding it feels in this space.

It was so much fun seeing the final reveal of this showhouse and to see how cohesive it turned out even with a different designer working on each space! We all worked off of the same Design Brief, focused our spaces on Wellness and were inspired by the Malibu Coastline. This whole team really put our "virtual client's" needs first which is what made this project so successful.

If you haven't done so, I invite you to tour the show home yourself by clicking on any of my inspiration boards above or you can access it here. Bon Tour!


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