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The newly opened Tavern At The Vogue, is hard to define. It's not a brewery like so many that have popped up on Chula Vista's Historic Third Avenue. It's not just a bar and not just a restaurant. It’s really an in vogue social space that serves up delicious Brats & Brews.

When it comes to designing the interiors of a unique space like this one, there's only one person's taste that should be considered, and that's the customers. You have to make sure that they are not only coming in to make a transaction but are also fully enjoying the entire experience.

It was such a pleasure acting as an Interior Design Consultant and sounding board for this new eatery, Tavern At The Vogue.



One of the owners, approached me while he was in the middle of reinventing and remodeling his new space, Tavern At The Vogue. I had watched this beautiful little gem fall into disrepair for years. The half-timbered Danish architecture is so unique to Third Avenue Village and Chula Vista in general that I jump in to help in any way that I could.

Exterior. At my first site visit, I saw that some improvements to the exterior had been decided but I thought that they could take it even further. My recommendations were to paint the ENTIRE facade in a warm white paint and add a little pop of color to the door just like you would see on a charming European pub or cafe.

Color Palette. Color has a huge impact in interior design. Colors can evoke certain emotions and a vibe. I recommended a dark and moody burgundy - as dark and rich as a glass of delicious Cabernet. It has been scientifically proven that the color red whets our appetite and since this is an eatery bring on the red tones.

Bar Lighting. An often overlooked design element is lighting. But the truth is, lighting can make (or break the space). I recommended pendants in a warm metal like brass. It's a timeless look and pops out agains the dark decorative colors of the bar. Warm light brings warmth to a space and we want this place to feel like home away from home.

The right décor and design for your eatery should be the combination of: your target customers’ taste and preferences, your business branding as well as your own personality. This mix results in a concept that will help you stand out. Trends change constantly.

Redesigning a space doesn't have to be stressful endeavor, but a thoughtful reflection on what both your customers will enjoy. The value that a designer brings to a project is making recommendations that resonate with your target client, are current and on trend but not trendy. I travel all over the country 4-5 times a year to see what the latest offerings are in the marketplace and what is coming down the pipe.

A restaurant is a huge investment of time, energy and resources, the recommendations made by a designer will pay you back in dividends with repeat customer, good reviews and don't forget those "Instagramable" interiors that let your customers do the marketing for you!

Be sure to stop into Tavern At The Vogue for some Brats & Brews! It's a great family-friendly environment to take the family, listen to 80's music or watch a game. And trust me, your kids will love the large pretzels!

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