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I am so excited to share with you that I have been appointed Global Brand Ambassador for Be OUTSPOKEN, a new Canadian bespoke statement cowhide rug company.

I recently connected with CEO, Susan Kaineg, through our mutual friend and digital marketing guru, Leslie Carothers founder of The Kaleidoscope Partnership and co-founder of Savour Partnership. We clicked in an instant and I was completely on board with Susan's values-centric cowhide rugs! I mean, sustainable cowhides with vibrant inks, tassels galore, badass artwork and messaging like 'Defend Equality', 'Make Waves', 'Unf*ckablew!th' and 'Never Ever Give Up'.....I was all in!

Be OUTSPOKEN recognizes the cultural shift that is taking place in celebration of empowerment for all our global citizens to lead their best, boldest and authentically powerful lives. Our home interiors enrich us and inspire us, and the instant I learned about Be OUTSPOKEN’s inspirational hides, I recognized their power to create emotional positivity with every glance, everyday. I want to take this brand and make some waves!” - Rachel


Award-winning interior design virtuosa Rachel Moriarty to evangelize Be OUTSPOKEN inspirational hair-on artistic hide products at their debut at High Point Market and digital events throughout 2020.

Vancouver, British Columbia, March 2020 — Be OUTSPOKEN announces Rachel Moriarty as our first Global Brand Ambassador. Be OUTSPOKEN is an extraordinarily unique décor product line created to inspire women and men to express themselves and their values with conviction, optimism and strength. The company places original artwork on sustainable hides with designs that focus on empowerment and equality. Susan Kaineg, Be OUTSPOKEN inventor and CEO:

“Rachel Moriarty is the perfect embodiment of our exciting brand. She has exemplified herself in the field of interior design with her fabulous and creative use of color to create incredible interior spaces. She is dynamic, strong, and unapologetic in her creation of beauty. It’s a challenge for a startup to launch a new brand in the centuries-old home décor market, and Rachel certainly brings an edge to our efforts.” -Susan

Be OUTSPOKEN and Ms. Moriarty are planning several collaborations including her custom styling of an exhibit at the next High Point Market Salon along with a premiere event entitled “Raise Hell With Rachel!” featuring an in-depth examination of her styling philosophy and best practices.


We place original artwork on sustainable hides with designs that focus on empowerment and equality. We are home décor with a message.

Buyers can order Be OUTSPOKEN limited-edition series collectibles through our Bespoke Program with a personal custom selection of signature art designs, hides and trim. There are an infinite number of options of unique color ways and patterns to ensure that no Be OUTSPOKEN hide will ever be duplicated twice, allowing for beautiful coordination with the other décor in residential or commercial spaces. Be OUTSPOKEN art designs take a view of empowerment and equality affirming universal core beliefs. We find much inspiration from the amazing people in our global community, and for this reason we have decided to create one of the world’s only truly values-centric for-profit brands.


Susan M. Kaineg, Be OUTSPOKEN, 314-952-2302,

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Mary Ann Benoit
Mary Ann Benoit
29 de mar. de 2020

Congratulations and love all those bold colors!

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