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I am so thrilled that my last blog post of 2018 is such an exciting announcement! I'm so passionate about my work that I forget sometimes how much hard work and hustle I put into it! All of my hard work is finally starting to pay off in unimaginable ways.

LUX-Life Designer Award Winner 2018

Photo Credit: Tarsha Jones Photography

I'm so honored to announce that my design firm, Rachel Moriarty Interiors, has received an incredible recognition from LUX-Life Magazine in the Interior Design category. I was so excited to open up the email that read... ".....on behalf of LUX-Life Magazine, we'd like to confirm that Rachel Moriarty Interiors has been awarded the title: Best for Full-Service Interior Design - 2018." Where's my boujee champagne flute so I can CHEERS to that?! I guess white wine will have to do!

LUX-Life Designer Awards 2018

About the LUX-Life Designer Award

"...LUX-Life is delighted to present the Designer Awards encompassing and rewarding the innovative, the wild and the wonderful! LUX-Life will reward those who exceed the publics expectations year upon year to provide an excellent experience for the everyday consumer. The bright minds that form the design industry can rest assured our awards are judged on their dedication to innovation. With this in mind, each and every one of our successors are awarded on a merit basis and are subject to intensive research."

CHEERS to 2019 and all of the awesomeness it has in store!

My mission in 2019 continues to be to help you live more beautifully.

Your home. Your life. In style.

Rachel Moriarty Interiors

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