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When my bachelor client moved into his new palatial home in Chula Vista, California, he was challenged with what to do with the large Master Bedroom Retreat. If you haven't seen the Master Bedroom Makeover click HERE to see that transformation!


Not many homeowners have a Conference Room in their home where they co-work with their staff the majority of the work week like my client does. So I imagined this Master Bedroom Retreat as a personal refuge. A place to relax and unwind, binge watch football on Sundays, cuddle with his two young children in the evenings (shout out to single dads) or a place to work on his laptop without disruption. Here's a little Before and After teaser...

Bachelor Master Bedroom Retreat Chula Vista

BEFORE Bachelor Master Bedroom Retreat Chula Vista



My plan of attack was to:

- Update the foundation of the space.....the large blank wall that my client stares at from his bed.

- Add a modern masculine geometric patterned area rug

- Add comfortable large scale furnishings to complete the space.

I planned to use restraint in this space - not an easy task for a Maximalist! I envisioned this as a masculine, classic and timeless space. Since this is a "Bachelor" Master Bedroom Retreat, I didn't want was the space to feel overly-decorated.


Since this is literally the first thing my client sees when he opens his eyes each morning, I was interested to know what motivates him, as a high-performing entrepreneur. His answer? He LOVES taking time away to be at his lake house, on his boat in Lake Havasu, Arizona. Copy that!....I had my jumping off point.

To craft this handsome master retreat, I decided to lean into Lake Havasu inspiration. I have to admit, I knew very little about the area. I had only heard crazy "Pasty-Wearing-Girls-Gone-Wild" Spring Break type stories. So I did my research and asked my client to clue me in on some of the things he loved about it. He pulled up his camera roll and I could see why he loved this place so much.

I had NO idea that THE London Bridge was in Lake Havasu! It was originally built in London, England in the 1830's and spanned the Thames River. Then it was dismantled in 1967 and relocated to Lake Havasu, Arizona. Okay, MIND BLOWN! Is that where the "London Bridge Is Falling Down" nursery rhyme came from? Asking for a friend. (Head HERE to read some Fun Historical Facts about the bridge).

With my brain FILLED with inspiration, I decided to go for NEXT-LEVEL impact. The ceilings in this home are 10' tall. It would take a ton of artwork to fill this large wall so I custom designed a HUGE wall mural that features "My Fair Lady" aka The London Bridge.

Bachelor Master Bedroom Retreat Chula Vista

My mind kept going to the colors and feel of a worn vintage Union Jack flag as well as the vibe of a British Gentlemen's Club. NOT in that swanky 1960's Austin Powers sort of way but in a classic, timeless way. Although, I must admit, I may have been channeling a little bit of Austin Powers on this day......YEAH BABY! That rug though.....can't even tell you how soft it is!

Bachelor Master Bedroom Retreat Chula Vista

Austin Powers

If there is one piece of classic British furniture that comes to mind when considering timeless British design, it’s the stately Chesterfield sofa. This iconic piece can be found in places where a touch of sophistication is required. My bachelor client, an ex football player, is large in stature so the Chesterfield with it's deep seating, button tufting, low back and rolled arms was a no brainer for this space.

Bachelor Master Bedroom Retreat Chula Vista

A large area rug with a geometric pattern that mirrors the shape of the metallic base of the sizable red leather ottoman bench was installed as well as a TV directly across from the sofa seating so it's truly a fully functioning retreat.

Here's a rare cameo of my bachelor client after seeing his new retreat for the first time! He looks right at home, as he should!

Bachelor Master Bedroom Retreat Chula Vista

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