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This most eligible bachelor had just moved into his new 7-figure home nestled in the foothills of Chula Vista, CA. He already owned a functional, quality bedroom set which comprised of a dark wood canopy, a set of nightstands and a dresser. He had also just painted his bedroom a dark charcoal grey. The space functioned as a bedroom but it definitely didn't reflect my clients' discerning taste or chic lifestyle.

This is a situation that I come across with the majority of my clients. They focus on the common spaces first before addressing the master bedroom. In a perfect world, I would address the master first, since it's truly the room that you spend the most time in and is the first and last space you see each day. Just a little Rachel Moriarty Interiors philosophy. Here's a Before and After...

Master Bedroom Design San Diego

BEFORE Master Bedroom Design San Diego


My plan of attack for this space was to first focus on the primary function of this room which is to get a good night of sleep so all new bedding! Then I wanted to add in my client's personality, brighten the space up, layer in color and balance the cool grey room with textiles and warm tones.


The first thing I did in our Discovery Meeting was find out what my client is passionate about. There were two things that stuck out to me.... 1) Lake Havasu, where he has a second home and 2) USC Football.

Since I needed to add some warmth to the space, I decided that USC's signature gold and yellow colors were going to be incorporated into this space.....a toned down, sophisticated version of those colors, mais bien sur.

Master Bedroom Design San Diego

My first order of business was ALL new bedding! I headed to West Elm for all new pillows, sheets and their flannel geometric coverlet and shams. This pattern is also repeated in the area rug. As I mentioned, my client REALLY loves the color red! He drives a huge red truck and also drives a red Porsche. If you have a little knowledge of Feng Shui, you know that red in a bedroom ignites passion. Not a bad thing in a bachelor bedroom so I added just a touch of it with West Elm's flannel herringbone blanket.

West Elm Bedding

Next, I grounded the room with a large modern cowhide area rug. Notice the same geometric pattern in the bedding to make the space feel cohesive. The area rug really lightened up the space and added some much needed texture and separation between the dark wood floor and the dark furnishings.

A golden tan leather modern bench was placed at the foot of the bed. That USC red and gold color scheme? Check.

My client had this unbelievable desert photo in his camera roll, which was taken at sunset from the front door of his Lake Havasu vacation home. I was obsessed with the not only the color but the subject matter as well. A large panoramic photo of the sun setting was the exactly what I needed to add the warmth that I was looking for in this space. What's warmer than the sun, AmIright? I commissioned my go to custom art supplier, Impact Visual Arts, to create a custom sized piece of art that fit's perfectly in the space over his headboard. The photo was printed on acrylic which has a saturated reflective look to it.

Master Bedroom Design San Diego

Master Bedroom Design San Diego

I love how composed and sophisticated this bachelor master bedroom feels now (I think Little Richard likes it too!). By the way, this master also has a large retreat attached to it and you won’t believe how I customized that space for my client! Stay tuned because that room deserves a blog post of it's own!

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