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Photo Credit: Thomas Wolosik for House Tipster

Having JUST wrapped up the HGTV Series that I've been working on the for the past 6 months (more about that later), I'm finally able to dig into my camera roll and share some of the exciting things that have been going on in little corner of the world.

When Joseph Haecker of Design Talk Live (the first LIVE broadcast network on social media) and (a platform for design professionals), told me that he was going to throw an "unofficial" HGTV Stars Reunion Party, I knew it was going to be THE event of Fall High Point Market.

It was such a blast having so many HGTV celebrities in one place. They literally rolled out the red carpet and I had a front row seat as I was asked to cover the event right on red carpet in the RST Brands Lounge.

Rachel Moriarty - Designer, HGTV Your Home Is My Home

Here are some of the Red Carpet highlights.

Shayla Copas - Southern Glam on The Design Network

Michel Boyd - Buying It Blind on Bravo

Donna Moss - HGTV Donna Decorates Dallas & Design Stars

Jennifer Farrell A&E's Behind The Gates

Will - HGTV Design Star

Trish Beaudet - HGTV Design Star

Tym DeSanto - HGTV Design Star

Tym DeSanto - HGTV Design Star

Xander Noori

Libby Langdon

David & Sam Cohen - Elegant Mosaics

Treci Smith - HGTV Your Home Is My Home

Rachel Moriarty & Treci Smith - HGTV Your Home Is My Home

It was such an awesome star studded event, take a look at the clip that House Tipster at the kickoff of the event >>> I just adore this community!

Rachel Moriarty

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