Short term rentals like Airbnb, VRBO and HomeAway have really become all the rage lately! It's seem that I can't turn on the news without hearing about them. I have many clients that are early empty nesters or baby boomers that are deciding to take the plunge into micro-entrepreneurship and turn a portion of their home into a short term rental. Recently, I interviewed Gary Inman, VP of Hospitality for Baskerville, on my podcast, Design+Style, and he told me that while at a recent conference he heard that Airbnb had moved to the #2 spot under Marriott and above Hilton in hotel rankings!

There are many short term rental websites to choose from where you can list and rent your next vacation home, B&B or short term rental. These sites allow you to give feed back on your stay and you also receive feedback from customers about their stay. My Velvet Couch Sister, Treci Smith and I recently renovated the loft in her garage to function as a short term rental. Treci and I ADORE vintage home decor and furnishings and on occasion host Pop Up Events throughout San Diego. Treci currently has a small retail space, Treci Smith Designs, at the Kurtz Street Vintage Marketplace and Antique Mall where she sells her vintage finds. Once we finished with this renovation, we dressed the space with vintage modern flair. Take a tour of the space now!

Decorating Tip #1 For Short-Term Rentals - Function First

We wanted the space to feel modern vintage bohemian NOT grandma's attic so we were intentional about how decorated. We added a vintage desk to the kitchenette area so that it could be used as an eat in kitchenette, coffee bar or work space.

Decorating Tip #2 For Short-Term Rentals - Mix Old With New

We added an assortment of Anthropologie mugs and a french press as well as an electric kettle and an assortment of local coffee and teas from our favorite local coffee house so that guests can experience some local offerings right from the comfort of their rental each morning. The mugs, although new, were purchased in a variety of colors and patterns for a collected feel. We corralled everything on a vintage tray from Treci's vintage boutique.

Decorating Tip #3 For Short-Term Rentals - Splurge On The Bed

The primary function of this space is to have a place to lay your head at night. We splurged on a quality new mattress, pillow and sheets. Remember that your short term rental is a proper business and you want your guests to get a good nights sleep. We tucked the bed into a niche and it just feels so cozy.

Decorating Tip #4 For Short-Term Rentals - Add Thoughtful Touches

Some guests really like to "move in" to the space that they're renting, even if it's just for a few nights. We added a small secretary with some drawer storage as an additional option to work from a laptop and to store clothing items.

Decorating Tip #5 For Short-Term Rentals - Cozy Seating

We added a comfortable reading corner for guests to enjoy an afternoon cup of tea or unwind with a glass of wine and a good book.


So much has happened since we renovated this adorable upstairs loft! Treci rented the space almost immediately which has been a wonderful income stream for her family. THEN, a production company for HGTV contacted us to interview for a new show about short term rentals that's filming right here in San Diego!! The good news is that we are on the show but NOT in the way we expected!

We originally were contacted do a casting reel to host the show. We received word that we did not land the part but were contacted a little later and I was asked to be on the design-build team for the show and Treci is going to be one of the homeowners on the show! That's all we can say about that for now but stay tuned to see which space in her home we renovated and how it turned out!

We are on a 6 week construction and filming schedule so I will be taking a short hiatus from blogging for the duration but I'm always available through the contact tab to if you need to book a consultation or another design service!

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