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Floor Covering News, the flooring industries' go to publication for the past 30 years recently wrote an awesome article about my collaboration with Elegant Mosaics! Read below full article below and visit Floor Covering News at >>>

Elegant Mosaics Floral Fusion

"Elegant Mosaics welcomes the award-winning, leading homestyle expert Rachel Moriarty to its brand. Moriarty will be a key partner to the “Design, Play, Create” program, which Elegant Mosaics created specifically for designers.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to be working with Rachel Moriarty,” said Elegant Mosaic’s co-founder Sam Cohen. “She has developed quite a following and her designs are exquisite.”

Moriarty’s new line with Elegant Mosaics will be designed and crafted over time. She intends to weave elements of her story, such as her extensive global travel, fashion and style, into mosaic art.

“What originally drew me to Elegant Mosaics was the story behind their brand,” said Moriarty. “I love that they are brothers in business shaking up the design community and bringing the intention of ‘fun’ and ‘play’ with their new ‘Design, Play, Create’ program that they are rolling out to designers.”

“Design, Play, Create” is a designer kit program specifically for interior designers. Through this program, Elegant Mosaics has opened the door to dreaming, thinking and playing to create the perfect custom mosaic in the office or home.

In addition to her beautiful designs, Moriarty is a best-selling author, speaker, brand ambassador and co-host of the popular Design+Style podcast. She was named one of 2018’s most influential people in real estate staging."

Rachel Moriarty

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