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I am SO excited that I FINALLY get to share my next adventure with everyone.....I'm the newest product designer for Elegant Mosaics!! I am so honored to be their second celebrity designer to have a licensing agreement them .... second only to the fabulous celebrity designer, HGTV star and the Queen of Bling, Donna Moss!

Rachel Moriarty

I just returned from the factory in Phoenix, AZ where I was able to tour the facility, meet the rest of the team and begin the process of developing my new collection which debuts late Summer 2018. Here is a little more information about our collaboration from a recent interview that I did.

What drew you to Elegant Mosaics?

What originally drew me to Elegant Mosaics was the story behind their brand. I love that they are brothers in business shaking up the design community and bringing the intention of “fun” and “play” to us with their new "Design, Play, Create" program that they are rolling out to designers. Beyond that, they’re also bringing hand craftsmanship, customization and quality which speaks volumes to my artisan soul.

Rachel Moriarty with co founders, Sam and Dave Cohen

Can you give me a few sentences about your goals with your new line?

My new line with Elegant Mosaics will be designed and crafted over time. I will be weaving in elements of my story like my extensive global travel, fashion and style into mosaic art. I plan to bring playful patterns, bold strokes of color and serious style to the Rachel Moriarty Line of mosaics.

Discussing tile design with cofounder, Dave Cohen

Handcrafting mosaics

How do you see a design-driven program like this helping make other designers become more visible?

In this industry, we are all artists and this design-driven program gives each of us the opportunity to embrace our artisan spirit. The Cohen Brothers and Elegant Mosaics are game changers. They’re making a huge splash in the industry and are so great at spotlighting the designers that engage and create with their products! They are truly building a movement and community around their “Design, Play, Create” mosaics program.

How do you see the collaboration making you as a designer more visible?

This collaboration with Elegant Mosaics is going to increase my visibility as a designer both online and in person. We are not only collaborating together on a product line but also to create new content and attending industry events as a team. I come from the residential side of the design industry and this new collaboration will allow me to get in front of the hospitality side as well, which I am so looking forward to. There is another visibility component to this collaboration as well, Dave and I are both Sudden Cardiac Arrest survivors with pacemaker / ICD implants. We intend to use our stories and visibility to raise awareness for heart related foundations and associations.

Rachel Moriarty with co founders, Sam and Dave Cohen

Rachel Moriarty with co founders, Sam and Dave Cohen

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