I made it to the finish line for the ONE ROOM CHALLENGE! It wouldn't be a good old fashioned challenge without some panicked last minute switch-a-roo action! The outdoor mat that I originally purchased was way too small for the space so I made a last minute bullet run to Target to replace it with an Opalhouse area rug that I just LOVE! Have I mentioned how obsessed I am with that brand?

Last week there was a lot of painting that happened in this space like that white fence that you can barely see in the photo....yeah, I painted that! It really makes the space feel fresh and new but it's VERY dirty work that made me question why the heck I DIY everything! Of course now that it's finished, I know that answer.....because it's so darn satisfying, that's why! I'll remind you how hideous this space was when I started this process - it was basically a dumping ground for all of our "stuff"! I was able to create 3 zones in this little area: one for lounging, one for outdoor dining and another for my daughter India.

We needed an Outdoor Dining solution so I went on the hunt! Do-it-yourself doesn't have to mean starting from scratch. My patio bar, for example, was originally a stainless steel bakers rack that I hunted then made some transformative tweaks like giving it a fresh coat of paint in navy blue. To make it a functional piece of DIY patio furniture for serving beverages and appetizers, I added a stem holder for the glasses under the top shelf, a ceramic tile top then accessorized it with beverages and accessories from the Opalhouse line at Target. I wanted some natural texture so I sourced wicker picnic baskets and planters from my favorite vintage vendor Treci Smith Designs (who also happens to be my Velvet Couch Sister).

This family-friendly patio is outfitted with items the whole family can enjoy: games, a picnic area, and a pink bohemian teepee for India in the niche right outside of her bedroom! She loves to lounge in there now with her tea set, books and toys! Here are some more Before & After photos of that niche.

I am so happy that I participated in the ONE ROOM CHALLENGE and reclaimed this outdoor space for our family!

Hey, if you've enjoyed this ONE ROOM CHALLENGE series, hop on over to the "official" ONE ROOM CHALLENGE website to see the fabulous reveals of over 200 other design bloggers! That's what I call Before & After BLISS! THANK YOU to the ONE ROOM CHALLENGE and congratulations to all of the designers on completing your projects!

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