When it comes to battles in your home, water ALWAYS wins. If you have a water leak in your home, the consequences are not only structural but can be dangerous to your health as well! Ceiling leaks are especially tricky, because they can cause problems in other parts of your home. The photo below is shows an obvious ceiling leak that was over the bathtub from the unit above but what you can't see is that the water also caused damage in the adjacent closet. If you spot a water leak in your home, take care of it immediately.


Here are a couple of subtle and not-so-subtle ways to spot a water leak in your home.

  • Wet floors

  • Musty smells

  • Dark discoloration on your walls or ceiling

  • Sagging walls or ceiling

  • Bubbling paint on your on your walls or ceiling

In this case, my client's ceiling had a HUGE paint bubble! You can see what happened after the bubble burst!


I love to share the back story with you on the blog so that you get a sense of what it's like to work on a project with me. It's not just about pretty "AFTER" photos on Instagram. There is a misconception that my design clients are like the "Real Housewives of Posh City USA". In reality, they are hard working professionals with real life problems in their homes like you and I. They call in an expert to help them navigate all of the decisions that have to be made and give them peace of mind that everything will turn out beautifully because it's hard to envision the end result when you're living through messy, dusty construction in your home.

Right before the holidays, I received a call from a repeat client asking if I could help her with her bathroom remodel. Since she is a previous client, we already had an existing relationship since I have redesigned several spaces in her condominium. I was surprised when I got the call from her letting me know that she was ready to remodel her bathroom so quickly. She explained to me that her upstairs neighbor had had a leak in their bathtub and even though she asked them repeatedly to fix it, because she could visually see a bubble forming in the ceiling, they decided to wait on the maintenance and the result was disastrous! This is what the bathroom looked like before the damage.


First thing's first......DEMO! Remove all of the wet damaged drywall and dry out the space.

While the dirty work was being done, I was able to come up with a plan of attack to update this space and make it gorgeous! This was the initial Concept Board that we worked off of that shows all of the finishes that we would use and how they would all look together. It's easy for me to visualize how a space will look but I use Concept Boards to communicate what is in my head.

Next, flooring installation. Move over boring tile! We chose this cement-effect tile that is inspired by the cultural aesthetic of the Mediterranean. These floors are going to be the star of the show!

We repurposed the existing vanity but refreshed it with blue paint and updated the vanity top.

Last, we updated the lighting fixture with a modern antique brass finish as well as the mirror.


Here's a closer look at some of the details like these mother of pearl and brass cabinet pulls.


Here's how it turned out all pulled together.

My client is thrilled to have such a bright happy space to get ready every morning!

Here's a quick reminder of what it looked like then and how it looks now! What a transformation!

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