Tile style comes to San Diego in the form of a beautiful brand new Porcelanosa showroom! So move over Rover, let Porcelanosa take over! If you're not familiar with the Porcelanosa brand, you are in for a treat - they are Spanish retailer that offers high-end surfaces, fixtures and tiles for the home, bathroom and kitchen.

If you're considering redesigning your bathroom or kitchen anytime soon, you'll want to know what the latest tile trends are, right? I truly believe that tile style starts from the floor up. Some of my clients find it challenging to make such a small functional space look beautiful. Things have evolved and the bathrooms that we grew up with are very different than the ones that we are designing and living with today. You don't have to be uber wealthy to achieve some of these looks either. A designer can walk you through the process of where to save and where to splurge to achieve a high end luxury look.

I had the pleasure of touring the brand new Porcelanosa Showroom with Sales Manager, Steven Hodges and Senior Designer Ruhamah Zepeda. I was happily surprised to find out that they also offer kitchen and bathroom cabinets and fixtures too so I will have to cover those in another blog post. On to tile trends!

​If you're considering tiling anytime soon, you'll want to know what the latest tile trends are. I believe that tile style starts from the floor up. It can be challenging to make such a small functional space look beautiful and that's where these tile trends will come in handy.

Mix and Match Tile Trend Once you begin the journey of hunting for just the right tile to use in your bathroom, you will most definitely fall in love with more than one style or pattern. When it comes to tile, you can have your cake and eat it too! Begin with your floor tile and use a second tile choice to make a feature wall. Get creative and mix and match the different concrete effects, wood effects, marble effects and limestone effects.

Large Format and Texture Tile Trend Go big! Large-format tiles are on walls are very modern and chic. Paired with a smaller more textured tile adds visual interest to this small space.

Rugging and Metal Edging Tile Trend Rugging basically means adding a border around a patterned tile just like an area rug would have. You can add metal edging trim as a transition between the different tiles. This adds such a modern touch to the tiles. I love the juxtaposition of a warm wood effect tile paired with cool metal trim as pictured above.

Chevron Tile Trend Wood effect tiles have been popular in both commercial and residential spaces for a while and the trend continues in 2018. The wood effect tile brings warmth and texture to a bathroom. These tiles in chevron pattern is the perfect marriage of form and function. This sophisticated twist on a classic wood plank helps keep this popular look fresh and interesting. Chevron tiles are big in 2018.

Mosaic Tile Trend My love for mosaic tile runs deep. Mosaics are compositions formed from small pieces of glass, metal, ceramic or stone. I fell in love with this updated arabesque pattern in this mosaic effect tile. Mosaic tiles can be used both as the star of the show or as more of a supporting feature in a space. I love to use mosaics as a great high-low solution when my clients are focused on affordability. For example, splurge on high quality mosaic tile for a shower or bath insert to add an upscale look to your project. Also, use smaller mosaic tiles on shower floors to give you better traction.

There you have it - top tile trends for 2018 as seen on my recent visit to Porcelanosa. Which one was your favorite?

All of the photos included in this post were taken at the new Porcelanosa Showroom. Except for this one of course. This is me swooning over the new Porcelanosa catalogs that I brought home with a nice cup of coffee! I'm really looking forward to partnering with my new friends at Porcelanosa to bring these beautiful high-quality product into my clients' homes. If you need help redesigning your next bathroom or kitchen project, click on the CONTACT tab to get started!

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