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Clear The Clutter Challenge 2018

Hey there! I'm Rachel Moriarty, your Cruise Director for the CLEAR THE CLUTTER CHALLENGE! It's the beginning of the year and while we are in intention and goal setting mood, I think that this is the quite honestly THE PERFECT time to CLEAR THE CLUTTER in your home to create space for prosperity and abundance in your life!

Clear The Clutter Challenge

Clutter quite literally stops the energy flow in your space. So, what qualifies as clutter?

Anything that no longer serves you and that you no longer love. It is broken furniture and DIY fails. It's clothing that has hung in your closet unworn….for years! It's dusty unread magazines, unwanted gifts and stacks of paper. It's everything that you ran out to your garage when you ran out of space in your home and haven't given a second thought to in years! All of this stuff makes the energy in your space stagnant and therefore affects both your personal life as well as your business.

Let's CLEAR THE CLUTTER to make space for all of the things that we desire to achieve and receive this year! Follow me on Facebook where I will be posting livestreams about this challenge >>>

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