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2018 Color of the Year Caliente AF-290

Benjamin Moore recently announced it's 2018 color of the year Caliente AF-290! I have to tell you, I was so excited to see such a vibrant, hot, dare I say Caliente, color named this year! Just a couple of years ago everything was white, white and more white. As a maximalist and lover of all things color, this was a welcomed change! Caliente is bold. It represents energy and can even boost your energy level, promote action and heighten passion and desire. What's not to love about that?

Caliente AF-290

Red has always been my signature color, I literally wear red lipstick every single day! If I found a red lipstick called Caliente, I'd be all over it! But I know you're not here to talk about my lipstick, so let's get to it.

Caliente lipstick


My clients recently called me to stage this beautiful 1920's historical gem in the heart of San Diego's most established neighborhoods. It has stunning views of our central park as well as the downtown San Diego skyline. The house was already fab but also had a hefty 7-figure price tag to go with it, so we really had to make it stand out in the buyers' minds. I'm going to share how I used Caliente in this project with some tips on how you can update your own space with Caliente.

TIP 1 - Updating your space with Caliente:

We used Caliente AF-290 in the dining room which is located right off of the entrance. We decided to go for that wow factor, right as you walked in the front door. This was an occupied staging so the dining set was existing and I balanced it out with complimentary artwork that is almost all white. If you want to show off color confidence in your own home, this is a perfect example of how to do it.

TIP 2 - Updating your space with Caliente:

Red can really enliven a space by bringing depth and energy to a space. As you can see, we used it just on the upper portion of the wall so that it wasn't overwhelming. It also highlighted the beauty of the millwork in this historical 1920's home.

Dining Room - Caliente AF-290

TIP 3 - Updating your space with Caliente:

Red is known to stimulate your appetite so the dining room is the perfect place to sprinkle in some Caliente! Entertain your guests in style and enjoy watching them devour your meal. Restauranteurs know this little secret, so you'll often see it used in restaurants.

TIP 4 - Updating your space with Caliente:

If your home has beautiful original brass details like this home does, just look at this detail on the swing door, Caliente is the perfect way to showcase it. You'll also notice that I used simple Picasso line drawing prints with brass frames as wall decor. It's a match made in heaven.

Dining Room Brass Details

TIP 5 - Updating your space with Caliente:

The power of Caliente rev'ed up this whole dining room and it will rev up your space too. Use it sparingly like we did in this dining. Since red stimulates passion and desire, you might try a sprinkling of it in your bedroom. And my favorite place to use it is outdoors. It's a great way to spice up a neutral stucco wall.

Dining Room - Caliente AF-290

Caliente in bedroom

Caliente Outdoors

Caliente Outdoors

If you need help adding a little color into your space, be sure to head over to the CONTACT tab!

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