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Bar Cart 101

Bar carts or beverage carts are seriously ALL THE RAGE right now! And they should be! Y'all KNOW that I think a house should be a reflection of the people that live there and a bar cart is a perfect way to express that as well! Are you a wine enthusiast? A whiskey aficionado? Maybe you like tiki drinks with little umbrellas. Or perhaps, your home is a no alcohol zone. A bar cart is still a fantastic solution! They give you easy access to whatever you might need to have a good night with your friends at home.

Check out my simple tips to finding the right bar cart for your home.

The hostess with the mostess has style and flair. Since bar carts are on wheels, you can conveniently place them wherever you guest will be gathering whether its in the home or on the patio for an outdoor gathering.

Here are a few tips to help you get the ball rolling.

Bar carts have thousands of different styles to choose from. All with different materials, storage, and features. You can combine these styles in any way you want. Whether you need a gold bar cart with rolling wheels and plenty of wine storage or a traditional, wooden cart that has closed off drawers for a secure storing area. Here are a few of my faves....

Stylish Bar Carts


Bar carts come in just about any material you can think of. I'm a fan of the gold bar cart but you can choose the more industrial steel look if that is your aesthetic. Wood carts are great for a more traditional look and opt for rattan if you lean towards a more bohemian look.

Terrace Bar Cart West Elm

Terrace Bar Cart

South Seas Bar Cart - Serena and Lily


There are two types of carts you can find for your home - rolling and stationary. I love the look of the carts with wheels....after all it is a "cart".


There are plenty of features that you can look for when choosing your bar cart. A handle is one of them. Some have drawers so that you can store cocktail napkins and wine openers. Other come with wine racks so that you can store multiple bottles of wind and wine glass holders.

If you need assistance finding the perfect bar cart for your space feel free to reach out! I'd love to be of service!

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