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OMG! The Best Partnership Ever!

Mydoma Studio and Design and Style Podcast

I'm sharing exciting news of a new partnership here on the blog today!

If you don't know, I co-host this lil' podcast called, Design+Style, a podcast FOR designers BY designers. I am proud to announce that just this week we became Preferred Partners with our favorite interior design software, Mydoma Studio! Woot woot!! I recently wrote a blog post about them HERE if you are not familiar with them. So, what does this mean? This means that in the future, we will be working together to co-create exclusive content and educational material for our very own Design+Style Club members. So, if you haven't hopped in our Facebook Group yet, Dixie and I would love to have you in the club. Mydoma Studio will be providing access to sneak peaks, and discounts on Mydoma Studio software exclusively for our club members. You can read the PRESS RELEASE here.

In our Design+Style Facebook Group, we really like to focus on VISIBILITY - both online and in person! It's crucial today to be the face of your business online. I'm now offering Online Visibility Confidante Sessions to help you through your resistance, fear and self doubt. Click HERE to set up your session.

Online Visibility Confidante Sessions

And if you're a podcast junkie like me, you might just want to head to iTunes to listen and subscribe, just sayin'. You can also stream us on SoundCloud or watch us on YouTube. The easiest way to access those is to click HERE.

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