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5 Steps To Find Your Signature Decorating Style

This week, I did a series on finding your signature style. It's a simple 5 Step process that I use to update spaces that I'm working on.

Find your decorating style

I want you head on over to Facebook where you can watch the whole series by typing in the hashtag #RMFBLive/5Steps. I go over each step of the process, give you some food for thought each day and by the end, you will know how the pros do it!

Once you go through the series, grab the worksheet HERE and get to work!

PS: I've recently come out of the closet about being a Homebody. Not only that, I've created an awesome new Facebook Group called Homebodies By Design. We are a tribe of women who absolutely love our homes and enjoy the process of feathering our nests. If this describes you, then come join us here >>> Homebodies Unite!

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