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Style Funk No More, Get Creative + Confident

Style Funks happen, not only in our homes but in our closets as well! As I have started working with clients on their master bedrooms and addressing their closets, MAJOR transformations and A-Ha's have taken place. A by product of an uninspiring bedroom and closet is a Style Funk.

How do you get into a Style Funk?

A Style Funk happens when you feel that you don’t have the time or the desire to spend time on getting dressed in the morning. Maybe you're overwhelmed by or too busy with your children, not feel happy with your career or relationship or got frustrated by the increasing size of your body or overwhelming health issues. You may feel that looking after yourself is not important right now.

You know the old saying, "when you look good, you feel good"? This is actually true! There are many days that I have gotten out of bed after a night of tossing and turning. My inclination is to phone it in that day with some stretch pants and hoodie but those are the days that I make myself jump in the shower, intentionally dress in something that makes me feel like a rockstar.....and my real secret to feeling boss? I put on that red lipstick!

Red Lipstick + Scarf

I'm doing a series this week on Facebook called Creative + Confident. You can follow it HERE.....right after you finish reading this blog post of course.

Pixie and scarf

I'm covering all of the excuses that I hear from my fellow designers and clients.

Some of these can be:

  1. “I’m too old to look good”

  2. “I’m too fat”

  3. “I have no style”

  4. “I have no time for shopping”

  5. “I have no money to buy anything”

Let’s tackle these excuses one by one.

1. I’m too old to look good.

Excuse me? You can never be too old to look good! I'm pushing fabulous 50 and trust me when I tell you that no one is going to tell me I'm too old to look good. I really don't care about looking young, I prefer to look at every age! By the way, I have a documentary recommendation. Please watch Advanced Style - these women are well over 65 and are having a blast with self expression.

2. I’m too fat.

Our bodies change, it's normal. After 2 children, hormonal changes and even medical treatments where I have to be on steroids for periods of time, I have to put in the effort to figure out what works for my body during each season of my life. I can't wear what I wore in my 20's and frankly I wouldn't want to.

3. I have no style.

Everyone has style. Period.


4. I have no time for shopping.

If I have time to shop, so do you. We all have the same amount of time each day. There are many services out there that will curate and send you clothes in the mail. There are even Pop Up Shop via live stream on Facebook. It's just a click away. You only think that you have no time but you do.

5. I have no money.

This is my favorite. I shop at thrift stores, not because I have to because I love the thrill of the hunt. I have been shopping this way since I was 12 years old. I never pay over $10 for an item of clothing.

Why am I such of fan of personal style? Here are few reasons:

1. When you look good, you feel good. It's true, try it!
2. It shows that you care about yourself. We teach people how to treat us. When you care for yourself, others will care for you as well.
3. You will be taken more seriously. Whether you are in corporate or a creative entrepreneur, this applies to you.
4. You will have more FUN - I promise! I joyfully get dressed each morning and it sets the tone for my day. An added bonus is that you get lots of compliments and who doesn't like that?

P.S. If you are in a Style Funk right now get on the waiting list for my new course Creative + Confident. Help is here!

How you'll feel!

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