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Master Bedroom Design for a Bachelor

A clever use of color and pattern play turns this boring bachelor bedroom into a retreat.

After: Bachelor Bedroom Redesign

Typically when I arrive on scene to restyle a bedroom for a bachelor, there is nothing....and I mean noth-ing. This project was different. There were a lot of items that I needed to incorporate into the space. For example, the bed and nightstand had just been purchased so that was staying. This bachelor was also well travelled and had studied in Mexico, loved Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera art, had travelled to Cuba and had a really great collection of skateboard decks. That's a lot to work into one space!

BEFORE: Bachelor Bedroom

Here's how the space looked when I started. It functioned as a bedroom but was missing my clients fun personality. So step one was to repaint the space in Benjamin Moore's Simply White to create a nice white canvas to work my magic.

After: Pattern Play

PATTERN PLAY. I took an existing textile and layered it over the headboard to add more interest.

After: Frida Kahlo wall art

WALL ART: Existing wall art was curated and displayed in the bedroom.

After: Air succulents add life

PLANT LIFE: I used air succulents in this space for their graphic quality and easy maintenance.

After: Skateboard decks as art

SKATEBOARD DECKS: I did an art installation with my clients collection of skateboard decks using mounting brackets so that they appear to be floating off the wall.

After: Collection of books

BOOKS: I always use books when styling a room. It's another layer of personality and the color of these books inspired the color scheme.

After: Reading nook

SITTING AREA: I reading nook next to the window since my client is an avid reader.

After: Bachelor Bedroom Redesign

TOTAL TRANSFORMATION: My client is an audiophile and in addition to a vinyl record collection, he also has a collection of music posters. I incorporated those next to a print that I had reframed.

Restyling the bed

This project wasn't just about making the room look cool, it was about displaying all of the things that my client loves and had collected over the years while he goes through treatment. If you haven't listened to the Design and Style Podcast yet, what are you waiting for? My co host Dixie Willard and I discuss the deeper purpose of design here in Episode 6. If you need help with your next space please reach out via the Get In Touch tab of my website.

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